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Ivorys Hank Jr.

Ice's Showcase



Well we have come full circle... Several years ago I bought multiple horses from you and all were as represented, good to see things havent changed a bit. During my divorce I sold those horses back to you and then after 5 years I dove back into the horse pool. Came to buy one and you just make the choices too tough... Ended up with 3 and we couldn't be more pleased! Thanks for all your help and next time DO NOT let me come down! Just send me 1 and only 1 lol. Thanks buddy! Gil from Michigan

The Gold Thief

Dakota's Double Buck  


Hey Eric- I really like Dakota! I know you thought he might have a little too much go for me but he a little on the lazy side if anything! I really like him. He is fearless on the trails and that gait is just what the doctor ordered for my back! it was great doing business with you again and I'm sure we will be in years to come. Thanks, Ed Burns-Ohio

Yellow Moons Starbucks




Dirt Road Drifter




Carbon's Grey Son

 Hi Eric, just want you to know I am thrilled with this horse. He is everything you said he would be. Just goes wherever I want at whatever speed I pick with his head bobbing all the way. Finally my gray dream horse! After having a bad expeience twice with another dealer, I appreciate you taking that mistake in on trade (Classy's Action Jackson). Hope you can find him a decent home.
  But anyways we love Carbon!
Again, thank you very much.

Patricia Warren, New Mexico

Dudes Sumer Delight


Hey Eric, I wanted to let you know that you old Dude is now Ervins Thunderstorm. He is doing very well! We just love him so much and thank you for matching him to us! We just went on your website to show some friends your horses so we are spreading the word that your horses are every bit as good as you say they are and you are 100% upfront and honest! Have a great day and hope you all have much continued sucsess! Thanks, Michelle

White Rush



Hey Eric, Jason and Roy, White Rush is now known as Rebel. He is doing very well and I have enjoyed riding him! I know you all had him on the GPS at over 30mph but I don't have as much nerve as Jason and I have been taking him slow just 20ish mph. But I have had several good rides on him seeing deer, dogs, cats, cattle, cars, ect... and nothing phases him. You all sold me my other speed racking horse many years ago and now that I have retired him, you have fixed me up once again! Thanks crew!

Charm Star


Hey Eric, This is Susan Saltrick, I purchased Charm TWH from you in January, LOVE HIM!  Now since the weather has finally gotten nice we have been hitting the trails couple times a week.

Thanks so much,
Susan Saltrick
Papa Framed Me

Flashy Walker




Whiskey River  



Rhinestone Cowboy  

Well its been a long time coming... I LOVE my Cowboy! I have had him on a bunch of rides but most recently We went to a private place camping on the New River in Ivanhoe VA. my favorite place so far. We had to cross a 780 ft. RR trussel 200ft above the river. COWBOY was the only horse including a mule that would cross it with a rider on his back... me! I have never been so scared in my life. He never took a wrong step. Everyone else got off their horse and mule. Then he went through a pitch black RR tunnel and never spooked. He was also the only one that went back across the trussel. I wouldn't take a million bucks for him. He is super smooth and lets anyone ride him! He has got the look and perfect gait that I wanted. I wish I would have had time to come up and meet you but with as good of a job as you do matching customers and horses over the phone, their is no way I could have picked a better one than you did for me!  Thanks MJ- Georgia


Go Big Blue

LaBronze Buck  

Hello Eric,
After 6 plus months of glorious ownership of my horse La Bronze aka Bucko, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to your expert listening skill, horsemanship and match-making ability that assisted me with a sight-unseen purchase!
You sold me my "perfect" riding companion after I explained to you the bad experience I had with the first horse I owned.  You clearly listened to my needs/desires and mastered an absolutely perfect fit.  La Bronze is everything you described and more. You focused on my safety and his training for my intended use on trails, combined with my riding level and age.  You didn't however give him enough credit for being so cute, attentive, and fun! He also gets along fabulously with all other horses, dogs and people. I have made so many friends that ask me if they can ride him that there aren't enough days in the week to accommodate all of them.
  In a market and industry that is sometimes known for its dishonesty and "buyer beware" attitude to horse buyers, YOU have exhibited the opposite behavior with your stellar integrity, honorability and the highest level of scruples. I couldn't count myself luckier!
  I will be forever grateful that you fulfilled my dreams of owning the "perfect" horse for me.
Thank you so very very much.
Joan Gianatasio-California


Mack's Dusty Gold

Peyton's Champ

Queen Elizabeth

Hi Eric-
Tim is off pig hunting with a friend, and his new Aussie saddle (sized for Dusty and for him)  just arrived.    I went out this morning to see how it fit Dusty.  I took him for about an hour ride, and am so pleased with him.  We had only ridden him a little in a fairly small pasture,  and maybe for 30 minutes a couple of times, the last time about 10 days ago.  Today I went out, alone, across fields he hadn't been in,  up and down hills, through woods,  down a country road (car and ATV went past), and into our farm where the pole barn is going up. His two field buddies (2 quarter horses of my neighbors where our horses are until our barn and fencing gets done) were whinnying and galloping in their field when we took off, but Dusty, ever the gentleman,  ignored them and took care of me. At our farm, we met the construction crew,  crossed the trench for the electric line and the trench for the water line EXACTLY where I asked him to put his feet (about a 4 ft area that was filled in),  through more fields, passed 2 big tractors (not running but they might still be seen as a monster by some horses).    And, it was a fairly windy day.... and there are a ton of deer and critters in the woods banging around.    He was very good.  I consider his performance just wonderful.  We walked and did some gaiting, and I got a really lovely, smooth relaxed gait from him.  Please tell me you have a clone of him for me in your barn, as Tim is adamant that Dusty is HIS horse...... 
Warm regards,


Gunner, Eclipse and Joker  



Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to write you a testimonial......
Eric, thanks so much for three wonderful horses!!!!!  They are awesome on the trail.  My grandson rides double with me sometimes and none of the horses mind at all.  We have been camping with them three times and they are truly awesome anywhere we ride......steep climbs and descents, rocky, muddy trail, crossing creeks. We appreciate your patience in helping and your knowledge in matching us with the right horses for us. 
Thanks again!
Beth and Hoyt Coker- GA

Gold's Sunny Surprise  

Hi Eric,
We just wanted to let you know that Sunny seems to be adjusting fine here in South Carolina. He's quite popular already with the other horses and all the owners at the barn. Everyone compliments how he's a gentlemen and so handsome. Mark and I appreciate you answering all of our questions and concerns and also emailing the videos of him as well. As you might be able to tell from the pictures we sent you, we absolutely adore him and will treat him like a king for the rest of his days. It's truly an honor to get to own such an awesome horse as Sunny and especially for my first horse ever! I plan on taking him for a ride real soon to explore all of our trails here. Again Eric, thank you for sending us Sunny, we are so grateful and looking forward to taking care of our new friend.
Best wishes,
Myranda and Mark Davis :)

Go Boys Dakota  


Eric- Just wanted to drop you a quick note nad tell you that I love Dakota! He is so smooth, really gentle and absolutly bombproof! I highly recommend your company to all my friends and after buying Dakota Sight-unseen with perfect results, why wouldn't I? I can't thank you enough and dakota has found a forever home as I have found my forever horse! Sorry to be short but I am headed out on him right now! Thank you- Doug, MT




Roan Allens Wrangler

Hello Eric, Jason & Dad,

Just wanted to finally take the opportunity to let you know how happy I am with Wrangler and what a really great horse he is.  I took a stomach churning leap of faith buying him sight unseen last summer but I'd been watching your website for a few years and figured you wouldn't have been in business that long if you weren't reputable.  Wrangler wasn't my first choice - I was initially attracted to a gorgeous buckskin - but you convinced me he'd be a good fit and, color aside, he is a pleasure in every way.  As promised, he is easy to catch, handle, bathe (loves it!), and the farrier raves about how good he is & his wonderful solid feet.  He's such a character and nothing seems to faze him.  I don't get to ride him as often as I'd like, but he's a sweetheart no matter if it's been three days or three weeks between when I take him out.  And the best part - I can ride him out on the trails alone without any drama, none of the separation anxiety so many horses exhibit.  He takes me up steep hills, through brush, mud & water, past threatening dogs, you name it, all without batting an eye.  What a confidence builder!  I know he has way more talent than I've plumbed to date but I look forward to exploring a lot of trails and a lot of new activities with him for years to come.  I know any horse-related activity is inherently dangerous but I believe you have come as close as anyone can to ensuring the safest, most enjoyable horse experience possible by providing good-minded, well-trained horses to your customers.  Thank you very much for partnering me up with Wrangler.

Susan (from NC)







Ace's Top Gear

This is a letter that I never thought that I would ever be able to write . If your reading this I know that you like horses and are probably thinking there sure are some pretty horses on this website but I will never pay the kind of money that they are asking for there horses it's insane to pay this for a horse even if they are so nice looking and so well trained. Heck I didn't pay this for my whole group of horses even if you added them all up together.
  This was what my thoughts were when I first contacted Eric Adams. We talked a little while and on the first phone call he had the color horse I wanted but the horses he had at the time wouldn't do what I was looking to use a horse for. A while went by and I would visit the website and still couldn't convince myself that I would pay this much for a horse . But I have to say they sure were a few notchs above other horses on other websites.
  I even talked and e-mailed other horse traders , dealers , or what ever term you would like to use but I have to say that after e-mailing Eric and talking with him on the phone yes he deals in horses, yes he traders but he wasn't anything like I had dealt with before he listened to my wants and concerns and didn't give me all the yes answers you would expect. He told me the good and the bad about what horse I was interested in and if the horse would be a good fit for me.
 This went on for more than a year and he always replied back. Then one day I was on his site saw a horse that looked like I wanted and we came to a deal and I told him I'd mail him a check and he listed the horse Sold Pending. I wrote out the check even mailed it but I got sick and was worried that my condition wasn't good enough to be buying a horse. I contacted Eric by text and was able to retrieve my check from the post office . Anyway a few days later I got a call back from Eric asking if I was ok, Which I was and very embarrassed that I had backed out of my deal. The good news was Eric had sold the horse and I had a thought of relief that I hadn't messed him up on our deal.
  I swore I wouldn't every bother Eric Adams again and thought that he certainly would not want to deal with me again. But I kept feeling the pull to Adams Horse and Mule to look at there horses. Then one day they had some new horses on the website and the first horse I saw was the horse with all the looks I'd been looking for. I thought about calling Eric but didn't want to take a chance that I would get a cold greeting because of my past actions. So I e-mailed him and asked about the horse listed on there website. He answered back yes the horse would work for me but he had another horse that wasn't listed that would fit my needs better. I got on the phone and called him and found out more about the horse and why would he be better for me. He told me about the horse his age and size and all the other stuff that I have to ask about a horse especially if I lived to far to go see and ride the horse. The next day he sent me some video and pictures which prompted more questions. I ask for more video if he had it are would make it and then I had more questions. I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that this was the horse I was looking for . 
  The point that all this jabbering is about is that If you ask the questions Eric will answer them and the answers won't be geared towards the answer you want to hear to sell you a horse but answered as honest as he can. There is no perfect horse and with different people horses act different. The difference is that the horses that are on Adams Horse and Mules website are not culls but in the good sense they keep the best and get rid of the others. I found this out from talking to Eric so much and paying attention to what he was saying and finding out why this or that horse was a keeper  horse.
 I bought the horse and got him home and he isn't perfect but does more than I was promised, I could sit hear and brag about his gait and all but that's this horse your looking for you a horse not one that is sold .
 So if your wondering about Adams Horse and Mule I just told you what my dealings with them was like. I'm on your side I want you to get a good horse that you can be proud of and most important be the horse you were told he was. I hoped this helped some folks out because I still can't believe I paid this much for a horse . But now after I have had him a while I'm glad I have him and he makes me smile everyday.  
 My last thing here is I swear this is the truth and from someone who bought a horse from Adams Horse and Mule. That was a hard sell and worried Eric to death but he always gave me a answer and put up with me. I omitted my name just because I didn't feel it was important to tell any one reading this that might know me how crazy I am. If you really need to contact me, Eric can put you in touch with me.    
Pusher's Mr. Playboy  

Eric- I took Playboy on a ride last Sunday and he was everything you said he would be!  He went everywhere I pointed him without hesitation, water logs, traffic he done it all.  Thank you for what you do! You have a real gift at matching people up with the right horse and you was spot on when you recommended Playboy for me. I look forward to many happy trail rides for years to come with my new best friend! Angela and Playboy 


Sadie's Dream Weaver

Parkers Classy Man

Trigger Man

Gen's Silverado

Pusher's Rocketman




Dear Eric,

All of our horses are doing really well and we love everyone of them.  We have owned so many horses in the past that other dealers sold us and they were never as advertised.  But with every horse that we have gotten from you, we have had nothing but positive things to say about and they have all been exactly as you said they were.  Trigger was my birthday present, Silverado came a few months later.  Then Smokey and when I saw Parker, I was in love! But our newest acquisitions of Rocketman and Dreamer are most certainly my favorites!  We have a great group of horses and we appreciate everything especially your honestly!


Randy and Marina- New Jersey 



Smokey's Big Time



Scout It Out

Dear Eric,
  I apologize for not contacting you sooner…but when you have a GREAT horse partner, you tend to spend all your spare time riding.  We took a camping trip two days after he arrived and everyone was amazed at how well he takes everything in stride!  He has now settled in and went from the bottom to the top of the pecking order (in the field) and he has accepted me as his alpha.  We have already built a wonderful relationship of trust and what a LOVE BUG!  I've never spent so much time hugging on a horse!
  We have had some lousy weather over the last several weeks and I can tell you that when Scout has been laid off for 3 weeks and then get on, he rides and behaves like I was just on him yesterday.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with him.  Everything you said about him was true, BUT…he is actually BETTER than how you described him.  
  You were so great at matching us and describing him - what a pleasure to do business with you and when I am in the market for a second horse (hubby-maybe one day), I will certainly be contacting you again.  Your kindness & patience are unparalleled and I can't thank you enough for my wonderful SCOUT!  He is definitely my forever horse!  I would be happy to talk to anyone as a reference - just have them email me or call me!! :)  I know references are important because I was one tough customer, but you won me over without a doubt!
Sundance's Doc


AHAMC-You've done it again. Made a perfect match.  I rode Sundance Sunday for 3 hrs and he was perfect from the very first step he took.  Bushwhacked through uncleared trails , logging areas, bulldozers, deer, creeks, hills, not one misstep. I am happy, happy, happy!
I felt confident he would look out after me and I was relaxed and enjoyed every minute.  We turned him out with 2 other geldings and he was a perfect gentleman and catches easy.
Enjoyed meeting you and we had a good experience with the purchase.  You were very patient with me and that was much appreciated.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed.




Hi Eric
Sponge Bob is wonderful! I rode for the first time in years today. He packed me around and was so sweet. He never looked twice at the geese, the donkeys, the dogs, or anything else. This day was huge for me and I am very grateful to you and Sponge Bob. He is just perfect for me. I'll can't wait to have lots of fun adventures with Sponge Bob.
Thanks again
Patsy Casey-Louisiana

Red's Cash

Hi Eric!
Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying Cash...  He is everything you said he would be.  I can't help but to smile every time I ride him when I point him in any direction..... be it an unpicked dry corn field to a creek bank that he has to slide down into the water to riding along the road, he goes without question.  To have a horse beneath you that is not trying to think of a way to get rid of you.... to having a horse do as you ask is a relief to say the least.  I have dealt with other horse people that did not tell me the truth and I have suffered for it and I am happy to say that I have gotten a lot of my confidence back while riding Cash.  You represent your horses beautifully and the most important fact is you are honest.  I WILL be back to purchase another horse from you as Cash is going to be my husbands horse as I have been helping him to learn how to ride and Cash is an excellent teacher.
Again thank you!
 Rena Furman
Along Came Poly

Jed Clampett


Polly is the nicest mule I have ever met and we are constantly getting compliments on how beautiful and well behaved she is.  I too was nervous about buying an animal sight unseen especially since I have never owned a mule before.  She took about two weeks to adjust to Colorado after living in Kentucky and for us to learn to communicate and trust each other.  Even then she never behaved that badly.  It makes perfect sense that she would need a little time to adjust to a totally different place and people.  We took her in to the mountains hunting this fall for 9 days straight camping in the high country and she was wonderful.  We encountered bear, elk, mule deer, ad other hunters.  She is calm, sure-footed, and she crossed every stream and obstacle without batting an eye.  It was an incredibly muddy and slick hunting season and she slipped far less than our two horses,  Not bad for a Kentucky girl in the mountains.  She also had no problem packing our supplies in and out of camp.  I love how she will stay where she is if you jump off her and she is truly a sweetheart.  She is always waiting at the gate for us to catch her when we arrive at the ranch, she knows the sound of our truck and comes running when we whistle.  Polly is the perfect addition to our family.  Thank you for having such great animals and for being so honest and easy to work with.  We will definitely be buying our next animal from you whether it be a mule or a horse.

Best Regards,
Katherine Grand, Gunnison Colorado




Eric- Jed exceeded my expectations! Even better than expected! We had our first ride today and he was awesome! Ill keep you updated. Thanks! Katherine

Faded Glory  

Eric- just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new horse, Faded Glory. A special thanks to Jason for the extra time he spent with me to help me find the horse that was right for me! Also thanks for just being honest! Its not common to find honest people in the horse business but I sure did when I found your website! We took Glory camping at Brown County a week after I got him. He did everything right! No hesitations no second thoughts, he was perfect the whole time! His gait is so smooth and he is so sweet and friendly, he is everyone's best buddy. I will recommend Adams Horse and Mule Co. to anyone and everyone looking for good honest people to deal with who know the horses that they are selling and represent them accurately. Thank you so much! Terri Berry- Indiana

Marshall Max

Butterscotch Sundae

Flo's Golden Tribute


Eric- Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that all 3 of the horses that my family has got from you have done wonderful! We trail ride a lot through Big South Fork as well as throughout the Smoky Mountains here in Tennessee and these are 3 excellent well broke trail horses that have exceptional minds! You sure do know how to pick them.  I told you when I first bought Gold that I needed a contact to provide horses like this for my family as well as several of my friends. After watching these horses in action you have a whole string of customers saving up their money to come up and get them an awesome trail horse like one of ours. Good work and keep it up! Patrick Baker- Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Eric- You have done it again! Gold Reserve is the perfect horse for my wife! I knew it would take a special hore for her and when the phone rang, Gold Reserve sure was the answer. We have had him camping several places this fall and early winter and he is always perfect! Never spooks and is calm and patient. We get so many compliments on him when out trail riding, he captures everyone's attention. Our other horses are still doing great and our family just can't thank you enough! We now own a field full of AHAMC horses, and I'm sure we will buy more whether we need them or not (you know me-LOL)! Thank you my friend! -Pat Baker


The Gold Reserve

Midnight Blue

Dusty's Strolling Along  




Just to let you know Dusty is getting along great! I had him for a ride this weekend and he was awesome. he did nothing wrong at all and I felt very comfortable with him. We are a good match.

Thanks, Dana, Georgia

Generating Major Gold  
Hi Eric,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Major.   I was a little nervous buying a horse I had never ridden before in a site-unseen manner.  All my worries disappeared very quickly. Major arrived while we were away,  by the time I arrived home the next day he had settled in, like he had lived here his whole life.  That's pretty much the way he is about most anything.
Four days after he had got here, I took him on our yearly Firefly ride. We rode with a group of 5 other riders, through trails in the dark, over different obstacles and down rivers. He went out as the lead horse and never hesitated about anything I asked of him.  He won the heart of all my friends that night as well as mine.
Thank-you so much!
Susan,  CT.
Apache Kaleidoscope  

Eric- Just a quick note to let you know, I love Apache and wanted you to know that everything you said about him is exactly what the horse is like.  He is like a pet!  I rode him once but is so hot have not been back on.  I am hoping to take Apache to my mountain home where I can ride more. But he is a great match. Thanks Debbie Berdy- FL

Armed With Aces

Geronimo's Pride









Hi Eric,  Ben and I are enjoying the horses.  Ace and Geronimo have been wonderful on the trail.  They both are bomb proof and easy to be around.  Ace has won the trust of his rider really from day one, buy continues to delight in this regard.  Ace has shown he can do it all.  Ace has been on an extreme trail ride in the river bluffs of MN with the Caballero del Norte riders, sorted cattle his first try like he has done it all along, carried the US flag in his first parade with the Zurhah Shrine Horseman, and wowed the ladies with his smooth gaits.  Geronimo is a good boy too.  He is trustworthy and wonderful on the trail. Thank you for all that you do training and selecting such excellent horses for sale. Both horses I am sure will keep us delighted and safe on the trail for years to come. Thanks, Ben and Susann Dye- Minnesota



Lucky In Love


Ranger On Duty

Dear Eric,
It was a true pleasure working with you, Jason & your dad at Adams Horse & Mule. I hadn't bought a new horse in over 17 yrs & had been entertaining buying a gaited horse. I had come across your website 2 yrs ago & enjoyed viewing all the videos & reading all the testimonials. I was so impressed with what I saw & read, that when it came time for me to purchase my 'gaited' horse I felt very comfortable going to you to match me up. I have to admit I have never, ever bought a horse 'sight unseen'. I was hoping that when I contacted you, my experience would be like the wonderful stories I had read about for two years on your website.

Well Eric, you & your crew at Adams Horse & Mule definitely top the charts! You know your horses & your people.  You knew I wanted a horse that was quiet enough for my 4 year old grand daughter to learn to ride & yet a nice horse for myself. You have a gift at matching a good team of 'person & horse'!  I was so excited with the purchase of my new horse Lucky. And couldn't wait to see him since buying him sight unseen. Then my husband suggested, to stop by your place on our travels back to PA. We live in Arizona & every summer we travel back to see family in Pennsylvania. We had planned on shipping Lucky to AZ a month or so earlier but instead decided to have him shipped to PA for my stay back there. 

So as it turned out, we changed our route of travel to stop by your place to check out my new horse Lucky on our way back east….I was so impressed with you & your horses that I decided to take home a 2nd horse…Ranger!  In all the years I have been associated with horses, you, Jason & your dad stand out. You know what you are doing, truly honest (almost to a fault - haha) & stand by your word…it's almost unheard of today, let alone in the 'Horse Industry'. No offense to other horse business people out there, but Adams Horse & Mule has a good thing going! So Eric, don't ever hesitate to give my number to a nervous customer. (of course I know you have many satisfied customers, but you just added one more to your list)

Thank you again for two wonderful horses: Lucky & Ranger :)  If you are ever out in Sedona, AZ please don't hesitate to stop by & visit us. We feel as though we just made a lifetime friendship!
Thank you again :)
Pierette & Joe
Sedona, AZ
ps. please tell your dad, we enjoyed his stories! & Mr. Thompson that Lucky will be loved & well taken care of.



All Out Blitz


Just a short note to let you know how much I am enjoying Blitz!  He is everything you said he would be and more.  Very responsive and very forgiving for my inadequate knowledge.  I haven't shot off of him yet just trying to build my confidence before I get to that point.  But I am taking lessons on him and we are learning each other very well.  Thanks again for your honesty and help in selling us this jewel.

I hear from one of our boarders that she is talking to you about finding her a good trail horse.  Carol is a sweet sweet lady - but she knows what she wants.  I brag on "Adams Horse and Mule" every time someone asks me about my new horse.  He is beautiful on the surface and underneath.  So far so good!!

I will let you know as soon as I get the nerve to shoot off him. I know you done a wonderful job in training him especially for me to do cowboy mounted shooting off of! Although you put the confidence in him around the gun fire, I still have to get the confidence in me, but I will very soon!

Thank you again,

Jane Weatherly- Alabama


Eric- Here is a quick video of Blitz at his first ever competition, the state championship cowboy mounted shooting exhibition. He is being ridden by our club president.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbcagdxVhPE

Thank you Eric for a wonder horse! Jane Weatherly-AL




Ned Pepper

 Hi Eric, I wanted to tell your dad that Pepper got here 5 am on Thursday morning. Well, Pepper came in a little excited of course but settled right in and made friends with both the horses, best buds.  What ever did you mean he might fight with my horses?  You should have seen him and Maiko chewing on each other's withers non stop. 
 I rode him for the first time here yesterday and he was calm as could be, down the street also and nothing bothering him, just all about business, goes out fine alone, could care less. Stands perfectly still mounting alone, so good.  So nice to have a really good, safe horse for the first time since high school!  He is going to be super for the kids and I am enjoying also a shorter horse.  Hoping my hips will get used to how wide he is though but I knew that, only issue.   Guess the little kids' legs will stick straight out on him!  
 I got lucky to find an original salmons minihan plantation saddle in pretty near mint condition, an hierloom from someone's grandfather who had it made by minihan, has a suspended seat and spring tree that is for a wide horse - unusual -  and can't wait to get it being mailed and try it on him.   I rode in a suspended seat Henry Miller  for the first time at another barn on my trip and could not believe the difference!   He's also the kind of horse I can ride with a bareback pad even with my hips, I feel confident.  Can't wait to also start cantering on him.  It's nice to be back in my aussie saddle.  My tom thumb bit seems to work well on him too.  He's completely opposite of my mare, she spooked pretty bad the other day just because someone came out to the garbage can!  Pepper is everything I wanted, he's a real gem.
 I'll send pictures later on.  I can ride him out on the mesa here and I'm going to try riding him down the ditch and maybe even down the roads to the river because he's so good.  And I plan on trailering him out to ride with friends in the bosque when I get time.  Maybe even show but I have never done that.  He would get the ribbons because in gaited classes here there is usually only one or a couple of horses in the classes, ha ha.
 I sit in the barn aisle in the evening watching three beautiful horses eating peacefully  and am very happy.  Besides that,  they are color coordinated to my two dogs and cat! Couldn't be happier with my friend Pepper!
 God bless,
Tea- New Mexico
Skippers Lil Man





Hey Eric, I just wanted to say thanks for selling us the horse of my daughters DREAM!!! She was thrown off of a "gentle, kid broke, babysetter" horse before and he confidence was destroyed. She was nervous about getting back in the saddle. But Skipper is EVERYTHING that you promised me that he would be and then some! Thanks to your honesty and help in picking out Skipper, my daughter is back to riding with confidence again! I trusted you and bought Skipper without even looking at him in person and it was the best horse decision that I have ever made! Thank you so much! Lori Kleski-Ohio



Lovestar's Snoopy

I recently purchased Love Star's Snoopy from you.  He is absolutely perfect for my 12 year old daughter, Morgan.  He is everything you said he would be. But for now, I need another one just like him. Please see the list of desirable characteristics below. Snoopy has all of the characteristics on the list. I am not in a big hurry, I have to have another like Snoopy for my 9 year old daughter, Mallory.

Thank you, Jack Floyd
Jay, FL

A Traveling Man  


Eric- Traveler has settled in very good and we like him very much. He has a super gait and a sweet personality, we could not be any more pleased! You picked the right one for us. We will be buying more in the future and hope to meet you some day. Thank you so much! Olivio-Florida




King Of Diamonds




Hi Eric, King is such an elegant boy, we are fascinated w/ how he moves...all long legs and neck. I rode him saturday afternoon and really enjoyed him. When we started off, I was nervous, King wasn't though and we had all sorts of commotion going on in the front yard...boats, trailers, jeeps, trucks, neighbors...looked like I was going to have a farm auction. We started down the dirt road and he stayed cool and kept a straight line so I truly relaxed right away. Told my husband I was only going down to the 1st stop sign (1/4 mile) but King got us down there so efficiently that I went to the 2nd stop sign before turning around. He stayed in place and was completely manageable and he keeps his sanity... absolutely no problem and very honest of him. Excellent attitude and work ethic. It poured on sunday, back to work monday-thursday, can't wait to ride him again. Enough about our sanity, now the gaits...the first gait beyond his walk that he found going down the road was great, it seemed efficient for him and was a comfy speed for me (oh, and very smooth of course!). I have a lot to learn about his gaits but I'm sure that will come with time and rides. This email is starting to look a little long so I'll cut it short. You sent me home w/ a really nice acting and looking horse...pictures don't do him justice. Thanks Eric, thank your Dad too!!
Julie Wilson-Michigan
Patches Velvet

Amigo's Southern Nights




I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Patches of Velvet (aka Patches) and Amigo's Southern Nights (aka Amigo). Thank you for helping me select two wonderful and beautiful horses that meet my needs with their calm dispositions and smooth gaits. Even my husband, who has never been around horses before, has been brushing them and getting acquainted with them without any problems. They are both gentle and easy to work with. Everyone at the stable is surprised at how easily they adapted to their new surroundings. Amigo was even photographed by one of the younger boarders to use in her report for school.
Thank you for answering my many questions and email requests about the horses before I came down to look at them in person. It means a lot to me when someone is as willing as both you and your Dad are, to take the time to match up the horse with the rider. I was impressed by the friendly way you treated me, patiently letting try out each horse, making sure that Patches and I were a good match for each other and helping me to make my decision to buy Patches. I am sure we will have many happy times ahead of us.
When I was on the way to pick up Patches, I asked you about Amigo and you had him available for me to look over and try out when I arrived. Amigo met my expectations as well and needless to say I brought both of them home. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with Patches and Amigo in the future, many happy years with both of them. Hopefully I will be able to convince my husband to share in my love of riding as well.
If I decide to buy another horse in the future I will give you a call. You have left a lasting impression on me, not only with the horses - but also with the level of your commitment to both your customers and your horses, to make a suitable match for all involved.
God Bless and best wishes to all of you,
Lisa- Indiana
Brett "The Hitman" Hart





I have rode Hitman several times and he is awesome!  We have rode in the arena as it was too icy outside up here but I had a great time! Thank You so much for selling me Hitman and picking him out for me! I could not be happier!
Judy Pollard-Iowa


Rumor Has It  
Hi Eric,
Just wanted to write and let you know that Rumor is a wonderful horse, I couldn't have found a more perfect horse for me. Thank you for putting up with our endless questions and e-mails about Rumor and Patches, and meeting with Daisy and I in person, I appreciate the fact that you let the horses sell themselves :-)
When we arrived back home from Kentucky and put Rumor in his stall, he settled in like he has been there his whole life, quiet and content. The next day, he won over the barn manager and every other horse owner in the barn with his friendly, calm demeanor. From day one, he has gotten along with every horse, and has a playful personality that has made him a "buddy" to all. Every person that has met him, loves him and said I have the "perfect" horse and hit the jackpot with him, I couldn't agree more. A few of my friends have ridden him, and are amazed at how smooth and sweet he is, he does everything that is asked of him, including working in an indoor arena which I know he isn't too familiar with. Our weather turned a bit snowy after we got home so we have yet to go out on trail, but I am anxious to get out there, I know he will be as good out on trial as he is with everything else. Thank you again so much for your time and patience. If I ever wanted to get another horse, Adams Horse and Mule is the only place I'd look.
I attached some pictures of Rumor and I and his new home at Sunset Hill Farm in Bartlett Illinois, it's a 40 acre farm, and he will be in a 25 acre pasture come spring. :-)





Eric- thank you so much for Zorro! He is everyones best friend and we all love him!






Golden Star's Prince


Dancing With The Stars


Johnny Reb


Sparks Fly

Hey Eric,  Wanted to drop you a note. I bought 3 horses and a tractor from you in the month of May. Two of the horses and the tractor where for me and one was for my Dentist, Dr. Steve. We all love the horses. They were just as you advertised them. Dr. Steve's Grand kids are riding Playboy with a halter or any thing bareback. My two are great horses as well. They are the talk of the trail. A buckskin as pretty as Sparky always commands attention! I really wasn't looking for another horse but when you told me about Gold Coin on the phone, I just knew I would like him. So I did something that I never do. I bought him over the phone without even seeing him. I just took your word. I am glad I trusted you. He is a good horse. Thanks so much for working with these horses and having them ready to go when customers come to your barn. I enjoy the great fellowship as well.  
Dr. Frankie O. Hunt- Ohio


Eric- What can I say, I just got the fever and wound up with 4 more horses... I just love those palominos and buckskins! Although Reb is my favorite! I originally bought Prince for myself but shortly after I got him home, he got stolen... By my daughter!  She has ridden Prince everywhere and although she has ridden the other 6 that we got from you, Prince has captured her heart! He is her dream horse and has been nothing but perfect for her! He stands so quiet for her to pull her self up on him, she can lead him right up to a rock or a tailgate and he never moves. He is young but he is as steady as any horse that I have ever saw! She has taken him on 3 camping trips now, lead follow and ride by himself with out any problems.  I just can't thank you enough for this horse! I couldn't get down to buy him for a while there and boy am I ever glad that some fool didn't buy him in the mean time, LOL. Dancer has became my wife's horse and although she is a tough lady to suit (took her forever to find me) she really likes Dancer and he is the right fit for her. We mostly use Stan Eb and Sparky as our quest and backup horses which they have worked great for as well. I don't know where else anyone could go and put together a group of 7 horses that are as good as these that you have picked out for us? All I can say is thank you my friend!  Feel free to have anyone and I do mean anyone call me anytime they like, if they want to hear about what a great operation that you have down there and the quality of horses that you sell.   

 Dr. Frankie O. Hunt and Family - Ohio

Gold Standard


Eb's Master Gold

F-88's Gold Playboy




Eric, Pinky the wonder mule seems to be settling in just fine. He's made best friends with a high ranking thoroughbred George and is quite pleased with himself. He did great with his first farrier visit today. I just thought that you might want to know how he's doing, and could pass it along to your friend that had owned Pinky for so long. He's been getting a lot of love, and tons of treats. I haven't really tried to gait him, just taking it slow and easy. He's just enjoying his new VA lazy lifestyle! Anyway, my kids adore him and he's taking good care of me. Thanks Shannon, Virginia



Caleb's  Apache Commander


Apostle Paul





Dear Eric, I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my new boy, Caleb's Apache Commander (Patches).  I never thought that I would own such a wonderful trail horse.  My husband found you on the internet, and boy did we hit the jackpot.  After a few crazy horses, I am finally enjoying having a honest horse who does everything that I ask of him !  He is all that you and Jason said he was plus more !  Patches is a blast to ride and has given me the confidence that I needed to get back on the trails .  I have to tell you that the vet that we used to get his health papers raved that you have the "cream of the crop" when it comes to trail horses.  I have to agree.  Thank you so much for making me feel so at home and comfortable trying out the horses that you had for sale, and most importantly , thank you for finding me a perfect match!

Tracey Gibson Simpsonville, KY






Eric- Just heading back home from Big South Fork, just a quick thank you!  WOW is Paul really my horse?  Just love him so much! Our first ride was just getting to know each other and then our second ride was awesome as well! Lang and I could never thank you enough! You are true to your word and honest about all your horses and you will always have our business! Land and Tracey Gibson- KY



My Major League


Eric, I want to thank you for matching me with Major. He is everything you said he was and exactly how you described. He is the absolute perfect size for me and my riding needs. I was beginning to feel doubtful that I would find the right match but you took your time and recommended the best horse to fit my needs! He is laid back, curious, confident, will go anywhere, do anything, and will do it all with that ever so smooth gait of his! It’s rare to see a horse with his size move the way he does! His rack at speed gets us noticed!

He has been here for a week and you would think he was raised here! We rode on a nice trail a few days ago and it was as though he had been walking that trail his entire life. He’s integrated well into the herd and is the first one to the gait when called. Thank you for working with me to find a horse more suitable for my size. I thought my criteria would be too specific but you found what I was looking for. I’m looking forward to riding this summer and Major will be a valued trail partner for many years to come! Thanks again.
-Soloman- Washington DC
Shadow's SS  
Just wanted to drop you a note & tell you about Shadow (I call him Banjo).  He got here very quickly and was in good shape.  Steve has ridden him twice now and I rode him on a 4 or 5 mile ride this weekend.  I just love him!  He has very nice manners on the ground and is great under saddle too.  We rode him through a heard of cattle, into a pond, into a lake and all round.  He didn't spook a single time, even when the horses others were riding lost their minds two or three times!!!   I feel very safe on him.  He's just what I need to build up my confidence again.  He is very pretty too (and he knows it)!!  Thank you so much for choosing him. It was tough buying a horse that I had never actually saw or ridden but you picked the best! We will have many happy years together!!
Thanks again,
Cheryl Maloney- Texas
Whisky River  
Just checking in with an update on Whiskey.  He has settled in nicely, and we just love his personality.  He loves being around people and is quite mischieveous.  He likes to reach around the dutch door from his leanto and unplug the electric fence and to remove the plastic stoppers on top of the corral dividers plus hold his lead rope in his mouth as he is lead.  We had our first ride today, and all went well.  I can actually easily mount him from the ground which was difficult for me with Mello.  Can't believe an inch could make that much difference to these old legs. We really love him and thanks for all of the help in picking me the perfect horse out!




Electric Powered  


Power was awesome this weekend!  Learning the ropes of reenactments with guns and cannon fire, he was super! Picketed all night no issues! We may need another some day! He's one of a kind! Rode him double with a friend all over a plantation! ;) thanks again... few other pics to come too just for your enjoyment or website.

Tia and Matt and Power


Sadie's Dream Weaver



Good morning Eric!

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how Sadie’s Dream Weaver (Bud) is doing. I just cant say enough good things about this horse! He is sound, sane and totally uncomplicated. He has ridden out alone and with friends, we have been overnight camping with him and he’s the same everyday! We even rode off alone for a full moon ride last Saturday night during the “super moon”and he rode just the same as he does every day! 
He gets along with all our other horses like a perfect gentleman and needless to say, he’s a looker and very easy on the eyes! He has the smoothest gait! He is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for as my personal trail horse.  We will be introducing him to some obstacle challenges in the near future!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you at Adams Horse and Mule Co. once again!!
Have A Blessed Day!

Button Lee




Truly Mr. Bojangles



Eric, I cannot thank you enough for helping me find the horse of my dreams. Mr Bojangles is an amazing horse. He's been here almost a week now and has just been so much fun working and bonding with. Buying a horse from Kentucky when I live in Washington state seemed pretty crazy to most people I know. Everyone said I could get a horse a lot closer, but I wasn't looking for any ole horse, I was looking for the perfect horse for me. I knew what I was looking for, just had to find him, and I did. As soon as I went on your website and read about your facility, about your family and all the testimonies, and seeing all the beautiful horses, just had to see what you had. After sharing with you my lack of experience in horses and riding and what it is I'm looking for, you recommended Mr. Bojangles, and oh man what a beautiful horse. You told me he was a very calm horse, nothing bothered him, not even heavy equipment. Well since we moved to our acreage we have had nonstop tractors, trucks, bulldozers, going all day and he doesn't seem to care at all. And he is such a sweet gentle horse. He lets me groom him, feed him, clean his stall, without any cares, seems to love all the attention he's getting. Rode him after a few days to let him get settled in and I was pretty nervous since I have little experience, the only horse I usually ride is my horse who has been trained and my trainer is there too. So getting on I was nervous, but he seemed to be happy to have a saddle on and welcomed me onboard. Was the smoothest ride I have had, he's perfect. Everyone who's seen his picture or meet him all say how nice looking he is. I always was very concerned about the transportation all the way here, but the drivers were very nice, stayed in touch and he arrived safe and sound, a little tired at first getting off, but by the next morning, he was up eating and drinking and running in the pasture. I love him, and if I ever get another horse, you will be hearing from me for sure! Thanks again, he is everything I was looking for! Patty Kossak, Marysville, Wa

PS: I meant to include how much I appreciate you answering all my many many questions. All this is new to me and you have been so very helpful in this whole process and always responding immediately to inquires. If anyone ever is in doubt about buying because they aren't able to go to your facility and see what they are getting, you may give them my phone number, I welcome all calls in regards to purchasing from you.

Tuscan Fire


Lil' Buck






Hey Eric,

  Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE Tuscan.  He is really a friendly horse and is really responsive and willing on the trail.  I rode him the first day after I got him home and he did great. Tuscan goes along with the little buckskin that I bought off of you a couple years ago for my daughter. He has been excellent, just point and he does anywhere she asks, crosses anything that she asks and he isn't afraid of anything.
  I can't thank you enough for being willing to work a trade with us on Tuscan. He is a great addition to our stable and our family.

Scott Knight-Kentucky








Hollywood's Bold and Gold



Hi Eric,

I wanted to thank you for this incredible horse!  I renamed him "Rocky", and he is such a calm, loving, and willing to do anything horse! I trailered Rocky home on a 14 hour ride in February, he did great the entire way!

It was definitely worth the trip to come to your farm and meet you, your dad, and Jason. The time you spent with me making sure I took home the right horse was deeply appreciated! It was so refreshing to meet someone who really cares about matching the right horse to to right rider! Having taken a bad fall a few years ago, and being 58 years old, I knew I had to find a horse I would feel comfortable with and trust. You evaluated my riding skills, and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with Rocky before I took him home.

After my beloved horse died from colic in November, I knew if I was going to get another horse it would be from you! My sister bought her horse sight unseen from you last October, and he continues to be fantastic!  The time you spent on the phone with me, and wanting me to come to your farm told me that it wasn't just about selling a horse for you! I know you weren't going to let me take him home unless you knew it was the right match!

I didn't get to ride him until after a month because of my busy schedule. He was absolutely perfect for my first ride through a National Park. He is everything, and more that you said he was!!!  He went over bridges, up and down steep hills, through mud and creeks, nothing stopped him! We encountered joggers, people on bikes, he just looked, just as you said he would! As we headed down a trail there were workers cutting down trees, He wasn't bothered by the loud sound of the saws, or the people sitting in the gator. He went right up to them! He went over logs, up to stone monuments in the park, he didn't hesitate with anything I asked!

I feel so confident when I am on him, even though I wasn't sure at first how I would get up on a 16 hand horse since I am only 5'1. I even got off him in the park, and he stood so still while I pulled myself back up!  I am so thrilled with Rocky, and look forward to many more years of riding with him!  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime!

Thank you so much again!!!

Diane DeBarri

Dancers Eclipse

Apache Merger







Dear Eric, We are really enjoying Eclipse. What a great horse with great gaits and great attitude. He and Apache Midnight make a great riding pair. You did us well to work this trade and I am indebted to you for helping us on this. We are interested to know how Rex is doing for you? He was also a very good horse and missed by many in New Jersey. We will continue to recommend your company to our friends. Bill and Jane Meyer


Rock of Ages




Eric- After a 14 hour ride to his new home in Florida Rocky has settled right perfect.  Its only been one day and its like he has lived here for years.  He is so laid back nothing seems to bother him.  My wife and I rode this morning and he did exactly what you said he would do.  He walked slow when I wanted to walk slow and moved out when I asked him to. Even when we picked up the pace he stayed relaxed.  Its amazing that even with a completely new environment, dogs parking, cars driving by, kids riding big wheels and the wind blowing he didn't miss a beat. He is sweet, gentle, and responsive.  Once again you recommended the perfect horse.  I can't thank you enough.- Kirk Foster



Amigo's Double Take




Eric  my wife Nancy likes him very much. After my accident on another dealers horse, I still have a long recovery ahead of me my clavicle has not fused. If I ever ride again I might need another one just like Amigo or even a little smaller. He is everything that we wanted, dead broke kid safe kind of horse, its hard to believe that he is only 4. You matched him and Nancy up great. Thank you and take care Phil Gallagher



Roan Allen Wrangler


Crickets Lil Rebel





Eric:  I bought Roan Allen’s Wrangler from you a couple of months ago, and just wanted to let you know he is doing great.  This horse is everything you said he was, and is working out even better than I expected.  No problems on the trail or on the ground.  Has settled in very well.  Just four days after he came here I rode him 15 miles out on a local trail and he was great.  We went across two wood plank bridges like they weren’t even there.  This horse has got a permanent home with me.  I’ve also gotten a lot of comments oh how good looking he is.  I couldn’t be more pleased with this horse!!!  Thanks for all your help, and thanks to Jay for finding him, he is the perfect horse!
Sam from Iowa



I bought Cricket’s Little Rebel from you about a year and a half ago.  He has worked out well, and is very good to work with on the ground-both the vet and farrier love him- and he gaits very well.  He lifts his feet for farrier even before he’s asked to, and my farrier wanted to know if someone trained him to do that.  He gets along well with my other horse, and in general, is very easy to work with and be around. 
Since I am a large rider, this horses big hooves and large bone structure allow him to carry me with no problems.  If I need another horse I am calling you.  Thanks for all your help on the phone and in person when I came to look at horses.
Sam from Iowa





Pushers Walkin By Midnite


I'm Big and Rich


Tucker's Romeo


Mr. Fred


Summer Splash


Dear Eric,

      I cannot thank you enough for working with me to find my dream horse. You were extremely patient and helpful with the many questions I hit you with (especially since I am new to the TWH). I wasn’t sure that anyone could find the horse I was looking for; easy gaited, extremely gentle, very loving, and gorgeous on top of everything else, but you did it! You took the time to understand my needs and then matched me with the perfect horse. Since I have had Midnight home we have taken to the trails in style. He is smooth and level headed and I love him as much as you said I would.

      I really enjoyed meeting both you and your dad; you are both really great caring people. I definitely will recommend you to anyone I meet that is looking for a great gaited horse or mule. Thank you again for all you have done for me; I could not be happier with my new equine companion.       Sandy Jacobsen  Dover, Delaware 


Dear Eric,

This morning, as usual when leaving the house for work, our eyes naturally gazed out at the pastures to get a glimpse of the boys rearing and playing majestically in the early morning sunlight.  It is at these moments that Chuck, Corey and I once again realize what a blessing you have been to our lives.  You have given us three of the most wonderful horses on God’s green earth.  As you know a little over a year ago Asher (aka Midnight) came into our lives.  Having major back problems and possibly facing surgery I (Sandy) needed a gentle horse that would take care of me on the many trail miles that we ride each weekend.  Asher has proven to be the most wonderful and kind horse that ever existed and I feel completely safe at all times on his back.  Asher not only changed my life but he amazingly also captured the hearts of my entire family.  Having owned, bred, and ridden paint horses for over twelve years we never thought we would see the day that they would be replaced by Walking horses.  When Chuck and Corey decided that they also wanted a TWH we knew there was only one place to look – to you of course.  Trust is not something to be taken lightly in the horse world and we knew we could count on you for complete honesty and help in matching both of them with the right horses.  Well you miraculously did it again!!  We can’t even express how wonderful both of these horses are.  Richie is magnificent, he is so elegant that we nick- named him ‘Sir Richard’ because he reminds of us a horse that should be ridden by a king.  His gait is incredible and he never misses a beat.  He is so kind and gentle and the three of us fight over his attentions, and believe us when we say he plays right along with the game.  Romeo lives up to his name, he just has to be touching you.  He loves to nuzzle and always tries to get the hair ties out of mine and Corey’s hair.  He and Ritchie are as trust worthy and safe on the trail as any horse could be.  Considering that both of them are only three years old we find this remarkable.  The three of us are not only flashy on the trail but are having the times of our lives.  There is truly no way that we can thank you enough for all you have done for us, and we will continue to spread your name with the highest of respect for both you and your dad.


Chuck, Sandy, and Corey Jacobsen



It has been a couple years now, just wanted to say hi and update you on all 3 of the boys. You sure were right about Richie.  I have never in all my years seen a horse like him.  He never spooks at anything, never does one step in the wrong, never bulks to do anything.  He is almost super-natural.  Needless to say he and Chuck have a strong love affair. Romeo is drop dead gorgeous, and that horse can rack out too, so smooth.  I will send you pics (maybe get them taken this weekend).  We have forged rivers with the boys, been caught in thunder storms where the thunder was bouncing off the mountains, and been caught where Boy Scouts were putting up fireworks.  None of the boys even batted an eye at any of that.  They are all great! We love all 3. Thanks,

Sandy, Chuck and Corey



What a blessing you are.  I prayed the whole way down to KY for the Lord to find me the perfect horse and he did.  I cannot even begin to tell you what this horse means in my life.  He is worth more than his weight in gold!  He is as smooth as glass and keeps up with Rich and Romeo so my family is also happy now.  On the trail he has boldly gone first over bridges (including a scary covered bridge that usually wings out the first timers), plunges through water like it isn’t even there, never blinked at the bicyclers in spandex (Lol) and takes the trail with such confidence.  To me he is as perfect as a horse can come and he has changed my life by bringing such joy and fun.  I can’t even begin to thank you, Jay and Roy enough for letting me take him home.  Fred (Shadow) and I bonded very quickly and I know he will take care of me.  What can I say, you have done it once again.  May God continue to bless you for what you do.




Hi Eric,

Hope your Christmas was blessed.  Ours was great with the grandsons and the weather has been decent so we have been riding and more riding.  I cannot tell you how much I love Skip (Mr. Fred).  Talk about the perfect horse for me, I wouldn’t sell him for a million dollars.  I must say he gets himself and me back up and down the mountains most gracefully.  Rich and Romeo are fine, Hope everything is well with you, your dad, and Jason.



Painted Prince





It has been nearly a year since I bought Delta's Painted Prince from you (renamed Picasso because he is "painted" so beautifully) and I wanted to let you and all other potential buyers know that you represented this horse honestly and accurately.  I never thought I would buy a 3 year old who had such a calm nature.  After buying him I called you with some questions and you continued to be honest and give me some really good advice.  Since then, Picasso and I  have competed in Competitive Mounted Orienteering and have even done a Poker Run!  We are now training for a 130 mile ride in May.  Thank you for matching me with a horse with such a smooth ride and a wonderful, curious and friendly personality. 
Best regards,
Christina Sepiol 








Wyatt Earp



Eric- I want to thank you so much for helping me find the horse of my dreams! When my beloved horse died in September I didn’t think I could ever love another horse as much, and one that would my perfect companion. After you spending countless hours trying to make sure the horse I picked from your web site would be a perfect match for me, the many phone calls that you returned until I made my decision, I want you to know how grateful I am. I never thought I would buy a horse sight unseen, but he is EVERYTHING you said he was. I renamed him Thunder, the ground shakes when he moves, and I feel like I’m I the clouds when I ride him!

When Thunder was delivered at 12:30 at night, I was worried how he would react to his new surroundings, and after such a long trailer ride. I have other horses, goats, dogs, and many cats. He unloaded from the trailer calmly, and just stood there. I was very pleased with the time the transporter took so I could get used to him for a while. Thunder walked slowly in the dark to the ring, and just when I thought he would run around after being unclipped, he just stood there next to me! It was love at first sight! As I explained to you, and you can see from the picture, I am 5 feet tall, and wasn’t sure how I would be able to handle this 16.1 horse if he wasn’t well mannered. The next morning I came outside, and Thunder came right to me. When he was lying down during the day, I came right up to him, he didn’t move! I knelt down beside him, and he didn’t get up until I moved, this was unbelievable! He walked all around my backyard calmly on a lead rope, just like you said, stopped when I stopped, I wasn’t worried from the first day! It has been over a month now, and he is consistent EVERY DAY! I live in between two roads with a lot of traffic, jets flying over, the kids riding dirt bikes, nothing bothers him!

He is great in the ring, only moves when asked, stands to be mounted perfectly, and stops on a dime!! I have trailered Thunder to 4 rail rides so far; he has been PERFECT every time. Goes through everything, over big logs, through mud and water, sure footed down steep hills, I can’t believe he isn’t bothered by ANYTHING! People have come up to us in the park with dogs, baby strollers, joggers, bicycles, he just stands there! Also, he is so affectionate! He loves to be hugged, my daughter’s hang from his neck, he whinnies the moment he sees me!

Everyone that has seen him is amazed at his manners, and how great a trail horse I have! Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone who is interested in buying a horse from you. I will be calling you if I ever need another horse; this has been a wonderful experience. I would recommend you to ANYONE I know.

With sincere gratitude,

Lorrie Schabacker- Virginia



Dancer's Little Rocky

Hi Eric,
Rocky is doing great and I just wanted to give you an update.  My husband, three young kids & I all made the trip from Georgia to Kentucky to look at your horses.  You knew I wanted a horse that I didn't have to be really aggressive with. After watching me ride a few older horses you suggested that I try a 3 year old and sense your the professional I listened and you were right to talk me out of buying one of the older horses based on their age alone. I just love that Rocky is easy to respond to a light pull on the reins.  I have been looking for a long time for an easy going trail horse, and Rocky has turned out to be absolutely perfect! Since it's summer and my kids are at home, we have had to go riding in the evenings.  A week after we brought him home, we took our first ride. He was looking all around & I wondered how he'd react to so many new things since he is only 3 years old, but he did everything I asked him to do like an old pro.   We had to go through a little creek because part of the trail was washed out and there was a fork in the trail.  He started to go the easier way,  but when I turned him back, he just did what I asked.  It started getting dark and there were deer running across the trails, the other horse we were with spooked when we rode past a bunch of "horse eating frogs" that jumped all at once into the water~ nothing bothered Rocky a bit!  When I asked him to gait, he did, and when I asked him to stop, he did too, no problem.  He had never been with the horse we rode with and that didn't bother him either.  We rode last night & it started to thunder, then we got caught in a downpour and it got dark quick.  We sped up and gaited most of the trail and he was just perfect, slowing down when the trails were steep & slippery every time I asked.  Something scared my dog & she stopped with us right behind her going up a pretty steep & slippery hill.  Rocky stopped on a dime in the middle of an uphill gait when I said "ho" and waited for her to move. It was an exciting ride that my other horse would never have done so well. When we were almost home, my friend said, "you need to go home and give your husband a big kiss!"  I thought, well, I at least owe Eric an email!! Thank you for listening to what I was looking for,  and for matching me with the horse I've been looking for almost 10 years!! I can tell that no matter where we ride, Rocky is going to take care of me.   When we are ready for a friend for Rocky, you will be the first person I call.  Thanks so much for everything, Eric!  Take care~
Double Dakota




Eric- Dakota has done great, we have had him on several trail rides and he is a wonderful boy.  We just love him.  We were nervous about buying sight unseen but after meeting and getting to know Dakota, you picked out the right one for us. Thanks-Denise, CT



Arrogant Cash




OK Eric!  I took a leap of faith and bought a horse sight unseen and... Cash is EVEN BETTER than you said he would be. He is a big baby and follows me everywhere I go in the pasture. My wife rode him today (she is the rider in the family) and really liked him. He is smooth at all speeds and does not spook. I rode my "horse" with them (which is a Honda 400) and it did not bother him in the least.  Our big surprise was when we looked up his registration and found most of his ancestors were World Champions.  You can use me as a reference any time, especially since you threw in such a high class halter. We have some nice horses but this guy is special (and only five years old, he will only get better!).  I will be back for more.  Jim Slack-Florida

Thunder In Paradise




Eric we cannot thank you enough for fitting us with the perfect horse! He is everything and more that you said he would be! He is calm, wonderful ground manners, does not spook, and a joy to ride, Every morning I stand on my deck and whistle and he comes running to greet me. When our family gets ready to go riding, we all want to ride Thunder so I am sure that we will be coming back very soon to have you pick another perfect horse for us. It is a relief to know that we will never have any hassles when trying to find a well broke and beautiful horse, all I have to do is call you, My neighbor is a veterinarian and  she said she has never seen a horse so well behaved and well broke, her quote exactly was "This horse has been broke by the best!"
Thanks again for everything!
Wade and Sharon Sendelbach




Shadow Delights Man



 On March 20, 2011 I received my new gaited horse, "Shadow".  It was the first time that I had saw him in person sense I bought him sight unseen.  You sold him to me because he was the horse for an older lady like me as  I have many health issues and confidence issues as you had already heard.  Well, on April 10, 2011, I went to a trail riding clinic with lots of obsticles. Shadow and I jumped off a bridge rode through ditches and over streams and I just closed my eyes and held on tight, he took care of me every step of the way.  Three of the other riders turned around because they were too scared as were their horses too.  The trail instructor's assistant's horse spooked and wouldn't cross over the stream.  My girlfriends horse reared and she quit. Beyond a walk, Shadow would get bouncy and pacey.  I flew out to see you on April 22nd to see what I was doing wrong.  I knew it was me and not Shadow.  You gave me some pointers.  Then I took my horse and me to a trainer together.  Found out it was my old English riding style and using the stirrups  and trying to post that was a no-no. I also tense up a lot.  Need to sit back, legs down, shoulders back, etc. JUST RELAX!   He is a great gaited horse and the trainer told me he was a forgiving horse.  All I've put him through which is a lot and he just wants to do whatever I ask without giving me any trouble.   He may tense up but he hasn't acted spooky.  I use a tractor to cut grass and he stays put.  My other horses will run. Shadow is without any doubt my buddy.  I trail ride almost every weekend with the 2 major riding clubs I've joined.  I am 58 years young and after 45 years of not riding I think I got some of my riding legs back. I want to Thank you and your Dad, Roy, for your warm hospitality and treatment while I was there to visit with you.  I would recommend anyone to visit your facility and all the great horses you have.  I am grateful that you matched me up with a sweet horse like Shadow.

Sincerely,  Theresa Hayes

P.S.  I just bought a video camera and will get some videos out to you of me riding.


Eclipsed Spyderman

Streets of Larado






Hi Eric:
You will be glad to hear we took Spyder and Larado out on a 2 hour ride yesterday -- and for the first real ride in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar riders, and just like you promised, they behaved like champs!!  And they saw it all -- a burn pile with smoke, a dead animal, dirt bikers driving by, going through our creek, with our dog tagging along the whole way!
It was the first time Greg and I have ridden together (by ourselves!) and it was awesome.  Spyder is "my horse" and the only thing I need to practice is how to get up on that big boy!!!  He's a beauty that is a giant with a sweet disposition!
We are really pleased!  Thanks so much!

God bless,

Jill+Greg Gonzales-New Mexico


Mike's Phantom

Snipers Watchtower

Blackies Ice Cool










Hey Eric We are really enjoying the horses we bought from you Tower, Mikey and Blacky they are so much fun and are everything you said they would be and more. After several bad experiences with another farm in KY, we were about to give up. But thought we would give you a try. The horses are great and very well behaved. We will be getting 3 more from you very soon as you really try to choose horses that best suits the riders. I will keep you posted. Thanks for being honest unlike some of the other internet farms. Susan and Blake and the Grey Family- VA

Ok Blake and I went riding ALL day today I was riding Mikey and he was riding  Blacky (he likes him). Well we were taking a break, letting them eat grass and the screw came out of my bridle . LOL! Blake says you know your bridle fell off. He thought that was very funny. So I ended up riding with no bridal but just a lead rope tied to a halter for 2 hours in the mountains. Mikey was great we gaited and cantered and he was great with just a halter!!! Do you have another horse like Mikey???? If so I want it, he is fantastic!!!  But then again all 3 are!!!

Susan Hartman
Sundown Farms





Apache War Paint


Hi Eric,

Just wanted to let you know that you have made my Christmas!!  It finally stopped raining and I got on Apache this morning.  Even though he has been locked up for days in his stall, I just got on and off we went.  We rode through the rocks and around hikers and dogs and he was super.  He was just as you said, if not better.  I have dealt with other dealers in the past, and I can say with complete conviction that I will never buy a gaited horse from anyone but you!!

Thank you for making this a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait for my husband, Mike to ride him.  Because he is a total beginner I am very careful about what kind of horse I let him ride, but I will have no problem putting him on Apache. 

Thanks again Eric.  You are the best and you have made this family very happy.  Please feel free to use me as a reference!

Best regards,

Val-Las Vegas- Nevada



Eric, I've been riding him out daily and he is just wonderful.  I am really considering giving him to Mike, like I told him, "If you can't ride Apache, you should take up golf!" HA HA! I have even rode Apache out on mornings where it was about 18 degrees, and he has done perfect! We took him out yesterday on a 5 hour ride into Red Rock Canyon.  It was super cold and windy and he was absolutely perfect with my husband.  Mike really shouldn't even be riding yet but I feel so safe with him on Apache that he has started back. 

Val-Las Vegas, Nevada


Doc's Double Doc

Ziggys Painter







I wanted to send you a quick note, Doc and Ziggy are doing great!  Zig has really come into his own, he is like a big puppy dog.  I have ridden him alot and he is excellent!
Our first ride - new saddle, new bit, new rider - dogs chasing us and oh yes a transformer blowing near where we were riding within the first 10 minutes and no problem.  He is wonderful - I love the responsiveness and willing attitude but with no clenching on the bit!  Total control!  You did a great job bringing him along and getting him to think.

I am taking Doc a bit slower but I have ridden him a few times as well and know for sure there is going to be no problem with him at all.  He is so quiet I can hardly believe he was ever a stallion!  In fact when his saddle arrives next week I plan on having my husband ride him right away ( just after I ride him one more time)!  He has now found a good home where I hope he will stay forever.

Kudos to you, Jason and Roy!  You are developing a great product for anyone who wants a pleasurable riding horse who is ready to go out of the shoot!

Thanks again and I will be telling everyone about you.

Monica Von Glahn-Florida







Crying The Blues



Eric, Blue arrived safe and sound!  He is really doing great and has adjusted so quickly!  I have rode him around several times and he is so calm and quiet.  He is not spooky at all, just as you said, we went through water, crossed several poles, and he is such a gentleman!  Everyone at the barn loves him and has asked where he came from and I have told them all to call you, so you should be hearing from them soon! I went to several places in numerous states looking for a horse but after I saw and rode Blue, it was true love, he has been everything that you said he was. Thanks for recommending him! Paulina- New York, New York


Eric, Yesterday was my first big trail ride and everyone from the barn was heeding the caution of the trail with steep hills, geese, cows, pigs, trucks, carriage drivers and occasional helicopters. I have to admit I didn't encounter the helicopter yet, but I did encounter all of the rest and without EVEN A FLINCH from Blue. He is a well seasoned horse with a great head on his shoulders and I suspect that if he did see the helicopter he would just take a look at it and keep moseying along doing just what he was asked to do. As laid back as he is he will still move out easily for me! He has a great gait and kept up with one of most assertive riders at our barn. Eric, remember that canter I was so worried about? His canter is smooth, slow and beautiful! You TOLD me not to worry, that you would fix it and you were completely right. One of the biggest surprises to me was that he made such an impression on my boyfriend.  He is a city boy from NY who knew absolutely nothing about horses and was not interested in coming out to the barn at all.  New York City can be a very high strung environment and sometimes people don't get the chance to slow down and enjoy life. Well, my boyfriend has slowed down alright... I cannot keep him away from the barn!  He grooms him, feeds him and actually insisted that we go out and got winter riding gear for BOTH of us---(Sounds to me like he will need a Blue of his own soon, Eric!) I thank God that I found your site and made the drive to Mt Vernon, Kentucky to your place. Everything happens for a reason and I believe that I was very fortunate to have found you guys in time for when I was making my road trip to find a horse. I saw many different horses from various states before I arrived at your place. Not one single horse came even close to Blue, in any way! I can see why the person that had to give him up was heartbroken, but please let them know that he has a great home and is loved not only by me and my boyfriend but everyone that comes in contact with him every day.

Thanks Eric and everyone at Adams Horse Co.


Buckshots Stepping Wolf






Wolf is just amazing!  He is so sweet, he comes every time that we call for him and follows us around in the pasture.  He rides great and is very gentle.  We just love him! Thanks The Jones Family-Kentucky



Sleepy Hollow


Bill Coty











Good Morning Eric,
We,ve been busy with hunting season and all,  but I thought I'd better drop you a note to give you an update on the horses. They are great, friendly, well behaved even around  other horses, they come when called, [ especially at feeding time ]. Ive been working on teaching them neck reining and they are coming along.  Both have great smooth gaits and go in and out of them easily. They sure are beautiful horses and after buying sight-unseen, I must say they are exactly as represented!  Later this month, they will be going to the Mountain , to Elk camp,  for about 10 days,  I will have to send pics....  Thanx For All of your help...   Sig-Wyoming 


Rocky Top Echo






Just wanted to say thank you for Rocky Top Echo.  We took what looked like a "risk" at the time, by buying him sight-unseen from someone who we had never met from the other side of the US... It was really no "risk" at all!!!  In fact he is everything you said he was and more (you forgot to mention that he steps right into that canter effortlessly and is as smooth as glass)!  He is PERFECT on the trails and in the arena.  Friendly to handle too.  We will be back for another someday.
Tom McClellan-Washington




Cash's Counterfeit Buck





Hi Eric, after buying sight-un-seen, he arrived and settled in nicely.  I can finally, first hand, see just how awesome that my horse is!  Cash is beautiful and so well mannered. What a nice guy, just like you said he was.  He's going to grow into our family and into our hearts.  I have rode him everywhere and he has such a great mind!  At one time I used to show some horses and after seeing Cash move, he might just get me back into it!  He is everything that a judge would look for in the show ring and he is everything that I have looked for in a trail horse.  You guys did an awesome job training him!  He is soft in the mouth, walks very slow and easy on just a voice command, has lots of personality, and most importantly is fearless on the trails or in the arena.  I love him and he is the perfect fit, you were right in matching me up with him!  Thanks, for everything.  Amanda


Creme's Secret Gold






 This horse is awesome!  I have had him for 3 months now and every time that I ride him I just love him more!  He is totally fearless on trails, he is gentle and walks when I ask!  My 3 kids have ridden him around our farm and he is a babysitter!  He has lots of personality and comes to me every time that I call him.  He has a gait that is like gliding on ice!  I can not say enough good things about him or you!  He is every thing that you said he would be and he has not made a mistake.  I will be calling you soon to get another one, and of course I will be buying like I did on Gold, sight unseen.  You are a amazing trainer and your business is flawless! Keep up the good work! Mike-Florida




Ebony's Flowing Gold





Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know how much we love Ebony's Flowing Gold (aka Trigger).  I was a little concerned buying a horse sight unseen but I had been watching your web site for some time and after reading the testimonials we decided to go for it! We could not believe how awesome he turned out to be and how lucky we feel to have him. Such character and personality!  He is so friendly & affectionate and just loves attention, always coming up to greet whoever comes to see him.  He is also very intelligent and willing. He knows his own stall after just a couple days- he walks in the barn and goes right to his stall all by himself.  Our friends and family are amazed that he is only 4 years old because he is so calm and well behaved on the ground and on the trail too. Not only do we get compliments on his quiet personality but also his good looks.  You were honest about the horses you had to offer and excellent at matching us with exactly what we needed. We want to thank you for such a wonderful horse! I can tell from the testimonials that our experience is not unique but very common with such great horses- keep up the good work!
Thanks again, 
Leo & Betty Zimmell,  PA



Generator's Ying Yang





What a wonderful Blessing from God Ying Yang is.  After my horse died, I looked long and hard for another and was having no luck after looking through out Tennessee!  My Husband, Ray, said we were looking at the wrong places and he felt lead to go to Adams Horse and Mule to see what you all had.  He found you all on the internet and was impressed after speaking with you and looking over your website.  What the heck, 4 ½ hours up the road from Shelbyville, Tennessee we went.  Sure enough the horse that was meant for me was right there!  It was love at first sight for me and my broken heart started racing with joy and excitement!!  He is beautiful!  But he has more than just good looks, 2 weeks after we brought him home we went on a 6 hour trail ride on the spring time fundraiser at Strolling Jim in Wartrace Tennessee and he was nothing but perfect!  You all made some big claims about him and he has been nothing short of all that you said about him!  He is so sweet, has a wonderful gait, walks on a loose rein when I ask, goes when I want, he is never hot for flighty, and he is bombproof!  I couldn’t be happier with my new friend!  I thank God for all of you guys at Adams Horse and Mule Co. for matching me with the perfect horse for me and giving me such a big selection to choose from, but I knew when Ying Yang laid his nose on my shoulder that was my message from God and my answer to my screaming prayers!!  Oh yea I changed his name to Joey’s Generator. 

Ray and JoAnn M. Smith, Shelbyville, TN



Ranger Walker


Magic's Illusionist






  Ranger has been great!  He rides awesome, gentle yet sensitive to my cues.  He is great on trails, not spooky.  He is a smooth ride and has a perfect head carriage.  He has been everything that you promised that he would be, and with buying him sight-unseen, I am impressed with your ability to describe and match people up with horses.  He was the one that you picked out for me and I am thrilled with him.  I am going to send my old horse down for you to train to make him like Ranger.







 Magic is a great horse and nice complement to go with Ranger.  I really like them both.

Thanks, Frank Guido- New York


Allen's Thunder King

Dream Keeper

Moto Scooter






Hi Eric
 Seeing how now my wife my son and I are all riding Adams horses we are being called the Adams family, go figure. Anybody who is wondering about an Adams horse here is my testimonial... My new horse King (now Mack) after a long ride on a truck from Kentucky to Massachusetts  had a few hours to rest. My wife who was just dying to try him ,tacked him up and her and my son Matthew who rides Scooter went for a ride to show him off to the neighbors. A couple hours later back on the trailer he went and the 3 of us headed for Vermont. He got a good night sleep and the next day we went out with 19 other horses you might of thought he was in the pasture forever with all his 19 new buddies and we all proceeded on a 6 hour trail ride climbing Magic Mountain we stopped for lunch tied off to a tree and rode back to camp. So to make a long story short these horse are every bit as good as the Adams' say they are.  Our family can't thank you all enough.
                                  John from Massachusetts




Hi Eric,
   Just wanted to let you know that Dreamer is a dream. He is working out wonderful for me. We recently took him camping in N.H. for a benefit ride with the N.H. Cavalry. It was great. There were about 55 of us, we rode a lot of trails, went swimming with the horses, it was a lot of fun especially knowing that I was on a well trained horse, like Dreamer.
 Thank you very much
 Lisa from Masssachusetts





Hi Eric,
          Just wanted to let you know that Scooter is doing fine and settled in well with Dreamer. He is such a nice horse. We have taken him on two big rides since we have gotten him from you. He is everything I wanted and more. Earlier today him and Dreamer were lying down in the paddock and me and my mom got to sit on the ground with them and snap a couple of photos.  That was so cool.  You made the perfect choice for me!  Thanks!
                                               Matthew from Massachusetts



Recovering Chocoholic

Miss Hilton




Hi Eric:

I thought that I would take a moment to give you all an update on Paris and Choco.  They have settled in nicely and I am very pleased with them.  It has been a whole new learning process, learning to find their “buttons” since I had never ridden a gaited horse before!  What a difference from riding my quarter horses.  It has been a learning experience and I am still learning. Both of the horses have been out on trail rides, both organized with large groups and just me and my friend, Liette, who was with me when we drove down to pick up the horses.  They have done GREAT jobs on all terrains, and have proven themselves over and over.  Simply put, I am thoroughly pleased with them!  They have been along beaches, up and down mountains, in rivers, through woods, and never an issue or refusal.  I am constantly getting lots of feedback from other riders.  They are amazed at what these little horses can do.  Other riders are quite confused at first when they see them, by the different gaits and are not sure what to think!!  I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I intend to buy a couple more in the fall.  I can’t right now because my schedule doesn’t permit me to do the run to KY, and I am not comfortable in having them transported.  I absolutely LOVE the blue roan, Reno 911, that you have advertised now.  I hope he doesn’t sell till the fall LI am attaching a couple of pics, and feel free to use them and my comments if you so desire in your testimonials.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.  Please give my regards to your dad.

 In peace and friendship,  Catherine Johnson-Alberta, Canada









Generally Electric


Dave and Buster


Dear Eric, 
       When my mom started looking for a horse I never thought I'd end up with one as well. Trading Dream for Blue, the horse I basically grew up with, was incredibility hard for me. Although I miss Dream I know he'll have a much more fulfilling life then I could give him. Blue has been truly amazing and perfect for me. He has a such a sweet personality. He absolutely loves carrots :). He stands perfect for baths, mounting, and is very patient with everyone no matter what were doing. The day after he arrived I saddle him up and rode him around the farm and he did wonderful. I now ride every morning and night :). He'll go anywhere I ask. I even took him in our woods to see how he would do. There really aren't "trails" but just small old pathways that are pretty much over grown. He made his own paths through the branches with no hesitation.
        A friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to ride in the local Memorial Day Parade with her. Even though we have only had them about two weeks I decided to go for it. Blue stood like a perfect gentlemen for about three hours
in the cross ties while I got him all decked out for the parade. I didn't even have to ask him to get in the trailer, he just walked right in like he was an old 20 year show horse. When we got there there were fire trucks, ambulances, loud old sports cars, dogs, guns going off, a huge 160 member high school band, dump trucks, police cars, tractors, motorcycles, little kids running around on bikes and skate boards, and even huge floats with a ton flags on it. We walked around a while to see how they would do with everything and wow it was amazing he didn't even flinch. In fact, when he did get startled it wasn't because the tractors were back firing, fire trucks had their sirens on, or even the guns going off. It was because of a long drain/grate in the driveway. But that's the thing I love most about Blue. Even when he is startled by something he doesn't act stupid about it. If something does startle him I know all I have to do is let him look at it and he'll move right on by it as if it doesn't exist. We rode with about 10 other horses in the parade. Everyone was amazed by how he acted for being so young and for us only having them for such a short time. Since all the other horses were having problems with all the commotion, the people riding asked if we would ride in front so maybe their horses would calm down a bit by watching mine. So Blue and I walked right behind a huge dump truck with big flags blowing in the wind and he just kept on walking, even with all the other horse behind him acting up. And of course everyone commented on how gorgeous he was with the blue roan paint look to him. On the way back we had walk back 2 miles to get to our trailer and we decided to let them pick up a little bit of speed and wow was he smooth. For as fast as he wasn't bouncing at all, it was so comfortable. He didn't even mind the cars and trucks speeding past him!
        We cant thank you enough for what you do with these horses. We thought finding a horse for my mom would be hard because a lot of people say their horses are "bomb proof" when really they aren't. When we found your site, we knew you were the perfect person to get a horse from. My mom used to say " I want a horse you can shoot a gun off its back and it just keeps walking" and that's exactly what we got and more. Having a handicapped mother who suddenly wants to go riding by herself can be a very nerve racking thing for me and my family. When she can barely swing her leg over it the saddle to get on it makes you wonder how she can handle trail riding by herself. Now with Buster in her life I know that he'll take good care of her and I don't have to worry anymore because of what you have done with him. For anyone with a disability this honestly is the best place to look for a horse. One of the hardest things to overcome when having a disability is the fear of getting thrown off. If there anything like my mom she can't afford to fall off. Even her doctors wanted me to thank you. I know for sure we'll be a repeat customer. The possibilities our endless now for Blue and I. Me and him have already started working on teaching him how to jump ( hes doing really well with that) and I plan on going to an extreme cowboy race with him in the late august. We can't thank you enough :)
        Jacqui and Blue





Starbucks To Go



As a repeat customer and long time fan of Adams Horse and Mule I would be hard pressed and wouldn't even consider buying from anywhere else at this point in our lives. Eric,  I have told you before that you are my "EQUINE INSURANCE POLICY"! 

I know one can buy a horse for less money elsewhere.  And, most people that have done that, have learned that you get what you pay for!  After one purchase from AHM, I was a life-long customer.  It is the series of suitability tests and the many situations and bomb proofing exercises you subject the horse to before allowing it to leave your farm that further compels me to buy an AHM horse.  The proof is what I unload in the  trailer when it gets here.  And, each time it has been delivered based on your recommendation - but has followed a lengthy, passionate and detailed conversation about what this family needs and is extremely rider specific, confirmation specific, color specific, temperament specific and you deliver to perfection each and every time.

I may wait up to 6 months for you to find that perfect match but you will not settle for just "okay."  I also may call you about one that "I may like" but..... "you don't like it for me"-- and do not feel it is an appropriate match based on our family's unique preferences and you are up front and honest and quickly willing to bypass a quick sale, to wait for the perfect fit.  We are patient and wait for you to identify that one and only and know that when you do it is definitely going to be perfect.   For that, Eric and family, we thank you. 

The latest equine quest was for our more timid child rider and you were able to pull off the perfect steed once again and he is riding more confident than ever.  Starbuck (renamed) was more beautiful in person than the pictures suggested and his manners are impeccable.  I told you on a scale of 1-10, he was a 15.  We trail rode this past weekend on a narrow trail next to a 60 foot ravine and his new horse was quite the baby sitter for him and he really enjoyed the ride like never before.  We've been through streams, up hills and Starbuck will blaze through any terrain just like you said.  Our child is confident because the horse is taking excellent care of him in the ring and on the trail.  He stands for mounting beautifully and is a perfect gentlemen, prefers people to horses (I actually ordered that on the wishlist equine menu!  Don't know how you filled that one!!!!)  He is simply so marvelous that we all have all fallen in love with him and a he is a fabulous addition to our equine family.

You've delivered in the past and did it again with Starbuck!  You are our "One Horse Source".  We look forward to many years of wonderful happy trails with our AHM horses and we appreciate your care and concern to our specific equine needs without compromise, each and every time!

Holley & Family AL






Hershey's Fun Size


Dear Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that Hershey arrived safe and sound. Your shipper was very organized and polite.  We were so excited to unload him and lay our eyes on him.  For having been in transit so long, he was doing great. We had to hurry and get him in his stall so we could surprise our daughter.  We told her we needed her help out at the barn with something.  Our son had carved a stall sign which read "Hershey" which we placed on the first stall.  When she walked out to the barn she looked at the sign and said "what does that say?"  Though she's only 5 years old, she's starting to read and she was trying to sound it out.  Then she heard something stirring around in the stall and she said "what's that?"  About that time Hershey's nose came over the door.  She was still perplexed as to what was going on.  Then, she opened the door and the secret was out!  She was so happy!  She couldn't believe Hershey was in HER barn!!!  It was great! We did let him rest and relax for the afternoon and we saddled him up later in the evening.  Both my husband and I rode him and he did great.  Very smooth!  We led her around on him bareback as she couldn't wait for us to saddle him.  We will start her out on him in the round pen until she gets comfortable on him.  It has been super hot here so we aren't getting much riding time in with him as we would like.  We've bathed him and he's been great for a bath, doting, loving.  He's getting along very well with our other geldings too.  He is nice and mild mannered which is great for what we need.  He has made a lovely addition and I feel he will give our, 5 year old, daughter years of enjoyment.  Thanks for going the extra mile and helping us choose him. We are enjoying getting to know him.                  UPDATE:
Hello Eric,
Just wanted to let you know how well Hershey is doing here.  My daughter bathed him tonight and did hooves all by herself and he was so easy and polite with her.  He comes to her from anywhere and he is getting along wonderfully with our other geldings and is so friendly with all of us.  He is not a horse that keeps to himself, he loves attention and we love that!  She is very happy with him and he has met all of her expectations.  She could not believe he was in her barn when we surprised her with him.  It was awesome!  He has the perfect disposition that we had hoped for as with her being only 5 years old, it would be easy to have a horse walk all over her.  Hershey is level headed and calm.  Every day we are enjoying him more and more.  Thanks again for all your question answering as we made our decision to purchase him.  It has been a fabulous choice in the end.  He's a keeper!  Just thought I'd tell you how happy he is here and how happy we are with him.  We'll be sure to recommend you to all our friends!!!! 
Holley and Family -AL




JFK's Phantom



Hi Eric,
      I just wanted to tell you thank you again, for pairing me with Phantom.  He is a dream and it's still hard to believe he's mine.  How you can match the horses to people, allot of whom you've never met face to face, is amazing. 
       I have ridden more times in the past four weeks than I had in the past three years!  What a joy he is to see every morning when I get to the ranch.  He has such a quiet, subtle way about him.  He is a thinker and when he is not sure about something, you just pick up on the reins, give a little squeeze and he makes it right through.  He just sets his head and walks on by. 
       Every thing we have encountered thus far, he has done tremendously well.  There are certain things we have to go through that even with my old boy I held my breath until it was over.  Phantom just amazes me.  Today, for example, we decided to try one of the "tunnels".  To get into the hills we have to go through two separate  tunnels that run under two four lane roads.  The first one it kind of low and narrow.  Now, on the way there, we have to walk through a small opening they have on the trial so cars can't drive on it.   He cracks me up (as we had done this part before), he totally positions himself dead center on the opening. Without asking!!! Your usually scraping your boot or stirrup on either the fence or the pole on the other side.  Not my guy, he takes care of my boots and stirrups well!  Makes me laugh every time!  Then after that, we have to go under a train crossing.  Not bad, if there isn't a train coming.   We heard the horn of one coming so we hurried under for our "under the tunnel plan". The plan didn't work due to the first part of the tunnel being under 7 inches of water!  We just rode right through it.  No problem!!!!  Came out the other side in time to watch the train go by. 
      Tomorrow we will trailer out again, (third time) for another fun morning in the river beds.  Fun, fun, fun!!
      I know this is the business you do, but I hope you know to some people, you truly are making dreams come true.  I am one very grateful, lucky person in all aspects of life, but in the horse part especially so. 
                                          Thank you again,
                                           Wendy Logsdon, California


Dust In The Wind




This weekend was a beautiful weekend and I can truly say I have a wonderful horse. I rode him about 5 miles the first day on an old dirt road and through creeks. He gave me no problems what so ever. Super nice gaits, the bonding is going great ! He was real good on the highway, really paying attention to every car that came pass us. On Sunday I saddled up and took him to the woods and hills of West Virginia which he handled real well not one time did I ask him to go over or around something that he did not perform perfectly. He handled the hills and the hollors of my mountain state great. I plan on taking him on a ride in may and will give you an update.  Thanks for my wonderful horse!
Thank You,
West Virginia



I'm Way Too Silver

A Royal Pumpkin







Eric- We bought both of our horses sight unseen and let me tell you they are all that was promised!  We love our horses! We trailered them and took them on a trail ride on Saturday. Less than a week after getting them!  They made us soooo proud.  They were well mannered, went through several creeks, saw 2 coyotes run off, some cattle, many other horses and ours were AMAZING! We are looking to buy a 2 or 3 horse slant load so we can go trailering more often.  We felt a little crazy for going on this ride but this particular community ride is a once a year thing for a good cause. They did so well on Friday that we decided to go for it.  There were 56 riders so you can imagine the variety of behaviors they had to put up with.  They weren't phased by anything!  We got so many compliments on Pumpkin and Silver.  Yes, on how beautiful they are.  But more importantly how great they were on the trail and with other horses around them. I cannot express to you how thrilled we are!!!


Mark and Julie Waddell, CA



4 Star General




Hi Eric,

General is doing great!  We are getting along with him very well.  He was a good pick with us being new to horses and he tolerates us so well.  We went on your recommendation and we are so glad that we did!

Thank you for everything,

Frank, PA


Black Knights Shadow




Hi Eric,

Everything is going great with Shadow.  He is so gentle and easy going, we are just loving him!  I have ridden him several times.  He will walk along as long as I want, then really get up and go but always calm back down as soon as I ask.  He is bombproof, and is scared of absolutely nothing!  He is so well trained it is evident all the time that you all have put into him.  He also comes running to me from the pasture which is nice when I want to go riding I just have to whistle.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and Shadow has exceeded all expectations.  He is better than represented and that is saying a whole lot!

Thank you for everything,

Ronnie, Kentucky


Mr. Yoder



Hi Eric,

I wanted to “THANK YOU”  and your family for selling me such a wonderful horse!  He is settling in perfectly.  I have ridden him everyday since I have gotten him and I just can’t get enough of him!  He’s so smooth and calm!  I have had several compliments about him and have told them about your facility!    My mom is starting to ride again, so I am hoping to be in the market for a second horse.  You will be my first stop!  I will be looking for my 16h + horse so keep your eyes open for a good fit for me!!!  I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. He really is a smooth ride, I feel confident on him and look forward to every time I get in the saddle. 

Thank you again,





Moon's Golden Fire



Hello again Eric,

                I cannot thank you enough for helping select the perfect horse for me, all right over the phone. You were so great at taking the time to learn of my experience but also my limitations and you were very upfront, on why Moon would be a great choice, and that he is! Although I have shown in the past and won at a national level with Saddlebreds, I have been fighting a consistent disability from a neck injury and subsequent fusion. I have not felt comfortable or confident in riding, for over a year now, and yet my passion and love of horses, was always there.  I realized that if I were planning to ever ride again, it would have to be a very safe horse and also one that was very smooth.  Well today was my first time on Moon and what a thrill it was to be back in the saddle and to ride such a smooth and comfortable gait. He was just perfect and took great care of me. The Trainer got on him first, and she also commented on how smooth he was, and how much fun he was to ride. I know that we will build a long lasting relationship and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to know that my riding days are not behind me, but ahead of me. From His point of view, Moon traveled great and he arrived and walked off the Semi, like he knew where he was going all along. He has settled in beautifully and everyone at the Barn comments on how pretty he is, and of course, I think so too. He now whinnies and nickers for me when he hears my voice, and he has not even been here a week. He is easy to work around and groom. And he takes all newness in stride. Today we rode with a Saddlebred in the arena that was pulling a cart and although he seemed curious he never spooked at it and he worked around the distraction as if he had seen that all along. We just got another 5 inches of snow and are projected to get another 5 tomorrow night, but I cannot tell you how excited I am, for the weather to warm up a bit so that I can take him out on the trails. In the mean time, we will continue learn about each other, and I will close with a HUGE THANK YOU for giving me my passion to ride back to me.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Bucholz



Painted Warrior





Warrior has settled in well, and has been getting acclimated to the warmer and more humid weather in Florida.   
I have ridden him several times and believe he's been given a fair amount of training.  He moves off the leg, understands lateral movement, and uses his hind end well in his canter departs. I can tell that he has been used in multiple facits.
I'm very happy with this horse.  I was sure I'd be "settling" when I had to give my previous horse up, but you have picked a horse for me that is rapidly making me forget my past horses. 
Thank you again-
Ellen Glass




Don't Touch My Trigger







Trigger is going great for us!  We appreciate everything and all the help in picking him out.

 Sally, Michigan 


Rooster Cogburn





Dear Eric,

  Rooster is doing great!  He is awesome and I love him.  We are a great match!

Thanks Button Lee, Georgia 


Oreo's Slamdunk

Bandit's Colortime Baby






Hi Eric,
Just wanted you to know Oreo arrived around 1:30 safe and sound. What a sweet horse. My eight year old grand-daughter was here to meet and greet. She just loves him and gave him lots of love. She made her parents bring her this weekend just to meet Oreo.  My husband likes him a lot [he is supposed to be his horse] and thinks he'll be an nice addition to our family of horses. He's one laid back quiet horse. He has a wonderful demeanor about him. He is the perfect southern gentleman. Mike Dotson said he was one nice horse but you told me that already. We're all in love with him. He has the most expressive face and is too cute for such a big boy.  I'll let you know how things are going. 
Bandit continues to be fun and has been very good outside on the road. We love his running walk. We've had school buses go by, balloons on mailboxes, nothing seems to phase him. My trainer has been impressed and seems surprised he's only three now although he was two when we bought him. Everybody comments on how handsome he is. I think Oreo is going to give him some major competition in the looks department. Thank-you so much for such nice horses. We promise to take good care of them and not spoil them too much.
Sincerely, Barb


Knight Frost






Frost is doing great, and My wife and I are most pleased. His gait and disposition really suit us well. I'm glad I paid the extra to get him as he has really been worth it. He is well trained on the ground or in the saddle and is very safe on trails.  Myself being over 70 years of age he is just what I was looking for.
Mark Easton, KY



I Love Lucy




Dear Friends at Adams Mule Co.:

A few months ago we bought a molly mule from you named “I Love Lucy”. Since then we have learned that she sure deserves her name. We had little to no gaited horse experience before coming to you and had never owned a mule but had heard and read a lot about mules as a breed, some good and some bad. You told us that if their was ever a mule that would suit us that it was her and boy was you right on the money! She is gentle, shoes great, gaits tremendously, and covers every obstacle we can find. I taught school for 36 years, and taught a lot of students. Now, Lucy is the greatest at teaching me. She far exceeds all we hoped for and has extinguished all our fears and concerns about mules. She has won the hearts of our entire friends and neighbors, our 4 and 5 year old little granddaughters, and our hearts---the more senior family members. Lol! The only problem that, I personally have had with her is just keeping the kids and grandkids off of her back long enough for me to get more time with her!  But that is a great problem to have! Find me another one like her...

Thank you so much for providing us with the blessings,

Gary Evans and family!


Last Second Chance

Apache Star

Alpha's Dreamer

Dakota's Settin Sun






Hi Eric,
Chance was given what my trainer calls a "trust ride". His first time being ridden was nearly 2 months after having settled into his new home, in 75 degree weather, but in 30 mile an hour wind. CHANCE WATCHED OVER MEEEE IN EVERY STEP, STRIDE, AND GAIT HE TOOK; EVERYONE. He is so sweet to handle and comes every time that I call him.  He stands patiently and waits while I get on using my block or truck bed, and he walks off quietly everytime, never in a hurry to do anything. I could not have asked for a better horse and you totally picked him out for me, perfectly once again!  Your the best!
Take care,
Elizabeth, Texas



Dear Eric,
I have spent nearly 7 hours straight with Alpha's Dream Keeper, and Apache Star. In those  hours I have come to the firm conclusion that you and your Dad should, without a doubt in my mind, be guests on the Larry King Live, and Opra Winfrey shows, for being top in your field, and true to your word. You have been 110% honest with me in everyway about these horses who are my new babies!  They ride great, are so friendly, and words can't describe their looks!  I am totally satisfied in everyway and I will tell everyone about you all.
With highest regards,
Elizabeth Tyson


Dear Eric,
Truth be told, and it's about to be; Apache Star and Dreamer rides more smoothly than my parent's Jaguar sports car!  If I had an egg in a spoon while riding him, I would wager that egg would remain safely in the spoon. Riding Apache Star and Dreamer is more interesting to me than taking a cruise to anywhere on this planet. If any of your customers have some lbs. to lose, purchasing a horse from you will become the solution to that. Guaranteed they are going to want to ride more than munch and eat... ha ha!!! The saddle you sold me is drop dead gorgeous, fits them perfectly and very reasonably priced. And that you took the trouble to actually fit the saddle to my horse, is a service to me that not only saved time, but also a possible costly mistake to my horse's back, and to me.
Take care,
Elizabeth Tyson   


Dear Eric,

I  have the PERFECT combination of horses from you! Apache is like taking a lovely and dependable luxury cruise, and Dakota has been everything you described him to be, PLUS being an at home gymnasium for his eagerness, almost insistence, to continue to be ridden, and as much as possible! His responsiveness is so finely tuned to the point that it's almost as though he can read my thoughts. God willing, these two horses will see me through to my wheel chair and walker days in my 70+'s, or even spare me of ever having to walk with a walker or go in a wheel chair, for how they both are keeping me as physically active as someone in their late 20's. I haven't had this much fun in decades! I can't thank you enough for all of my horses!



Dancer's Mountain Gold






  Dancer is doing great!  Everyone at the stables is impressed with him.  He is very friendly on the ground and loves attention, fearless on the trails or around the arena and has flawless gaits.  He is just as advertised if not better.  I am very happy with him.  Thanks for working with me. Bob


The Card Shark

Flash Black


Dark Shadows



I just wanted to say thank you Eric to you and your father from my family. You have certainly far exceeded any expectations I had when I first embarked on finding a horse through you. We thoroughly enjoy Sharky and he has become more than we anticipated. You have been able to match my family’s wants and needs with the perfect guy – Sharky. He is a sweet and perfect gentleman always wanting our attention. Your low key approach helped to make this endeavor of ours come true not to mentioned your honesty and commitment to please. You are a credit to your business and you rank right up at the top with the best. Again, thank you so very much. We look forward to meeting you again.

Mike & Lisa Shaffer, Illinois



Dear Eric,
 Thanks SOOO much for such a wonderful horse.  This is our second horse we have bought from you.  We are so happy with Sharkey and we trusted you to find us another one just as well trained and behaved as him and you did.  Blackie is just what we needed.  He is so well trained and has manners that can't be beat.  We have had people ask us if we are you willing to sell him. (Of course the answer is No.)  Blackie is so laid back, gentle and calm.  People would not believe he was only 9 years old until the Vet came to give him his spring shots and confirmed his age.  You are such a honest horse dealer.  We are so happy. THANKS SO MUCH.
Thank YOU,

Mike Shafer Woodstock Il.



Dear Eric,
THANKS again for two wonderful horses. For us being 1st time horse buyers, you took the best of care of us!!! You were able to match the family with the Perfect horses. You were totally honest with us!  Sharky is the PERFECT horse for my husband and Blackie is the the BEST for myself and my son. We bought both horses over the phone from you and you matched us up perfectly. Our son has made so many friends at the stable, Now he even bails hay and gets perks from the owner. THANK YOU for filling our life with so much joy.  The Boys (Sharky/Blackie) will be here till the End.

Thanks so much.

Lisa Shafer Woodstock Il.

Dear Eric,

    It's been close to 7 months since you found Shadow for me. After Blackie lost in a bad battle with colic, I sat for 5 months and I was wondering why I even tried replacing my perfect Blackie with another horse?  I know I can never replace Blackie, but Mike talked me into riding again and now I have done 3 long trail-rides with Shadow and he is absolutely GREAT. I still want Blackie back, but Shadow is helping me cope with the loss. You found me a great horse again, everyone at the barn loves him and I do too. When he sees me he calls for me, he is o sweet. Eric Thank you so very much.  Lisa



Flashy Walker





Dear, Eric

 I really like the gelding I purchased from you in early July, Flashy Walker.  (The one you took buffalo hunting)  His personality, something I had little time to really discover during my short visit, is inquisitive, responsive and just so sweet!  He has been great for me and doing everything I ask.  In the long term I expect many good years of riding adventures ahead of us.  I wish you continued success, and I will recommend any others that I see to you.  You know your horses, that is a fact! Flash is a one in a million horse!

Ellen Glass



Reinbeau's Korbel





Hi Eric,
     Korbel is riding good. We went a riding on Sunday and he had to go down a very, very steep hill, due to a big tree down, he did very good. He is a sweetheart. He is a perfect match! We are going to Mammoth Cave riding and camping in 2 weeks, really looking forward to going with my new trail partner!

 Thanks Barb F., Ohio



Heidi's Ranger

Prides Midnight Shadows

Hotwired Rhythm




Eric, Ranger and Shadow have adjusted well, they are not running around tearing up my fields and they are just good gentle souls. I've already had to cut down their feed because of the grass turnout.  I've put them in trailers, bathed them and had them meet other horses ... with no problems at all.  If you ever need a reference, please let me know!  My girlfriend and I took a ride at sunset yesterday on my guys...
 (Ranger's name is now Johnny Walker Red - sorry) and she could not stop raving about how smooth the ride was.  Everything is going great and thank you so much for being so honest!  I will keep you updated!


Stephanie Lennon, Connecticut



Hi Eric,
I bought Ranger/Shadow from you last year ... they are working out great!   In fact, I took their shoes off altogether and my farrier says he's never seen such great FEET!  We've gone to the beach, rocky trails, hunter paces ... ride with big groups, alone ... they are always great.
Anyway - I have another friend who wants to look at your horses... I always highly recommend them your way!!!

Thanks, Steff





Eric, Rhythm is doing great and I love him already.  He is perfect on the trails and just another one of the many great horses that you have sent all of us, up here in Connecticut. We appreciate all that you have done to make all of our trails happy ones!

Thanks, Wenda



Blues Clues

Hi Eric,
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy and love Blues Clues.  He is so much fun and so calm around the children.  He does have a very cute and sometimes sassy spirit to him, but that just makes it easier to love him.  When I saw him on the internet I thought he was a pretty little guy.  But I'll tell you, he is sooo darn cute.  And now that we are riding him and giving him lots of exercise, he's starting to look like a little show horse.  Blues Clues is so well mannered with the kids.  When he first got off the trailer, we had a barn full of kids and I could not hold them back.  They all charged at Blues Clues.  He stood there so calm.  I put him in cross ties.  Everyone was petting him and poking at him.  I wouldn't have done that with any other new horse but Blues Clues did not care at all.  Actually, he loved it.  I ride him down trails about once a week.  He's so smooth, and so much fun.
The horse I traded for Blues Clues, Don't Touch My Trigger (that I also bought from you as a 3 year old),  I miss everyday.  I have a picture of him on our refrigerator.  I sacrificed my dream horse, Trigger, to make my kids dreams come true but I still cannot believe that I gave up such a beautiful horse.  Trigger was definitely the proudest, most handsome, majestic looking horse I have ever seen.  His conformation, color, and the way he carries himself are second to none.  He grew into such a beauty, and was so well behaved on trail.  But one of my friends gave me the book "Hope Rising" the other day.  It's a collection of true stories a woman wrote about a horse rescue ranch she has in Oregon.  She pairs her rescue horses up with handicapped and abused children.  She writes of the miracles that have happened because of the bond children and horses have with each other.  Each story makes me misty eyed and is a confirmation that I have done the right thing by getting my children little Blues Clues.  So much more is yet to come.  Thank You very much.  Amanda DiBenedetto





I'm The Goldman


Saving Major Bucks



Hi Eric,

Thought I'd check in with you. Goldman, who is now called Dolce, had a very tumultuous trip to California. I know you spoke with the shipper, but they were in the middle of those horrible tornados that struck this spring. Louis, the horse shipper, said he was listening to the radio while on the road and heard the forecast change from tornado watch to a full blown tornado warning - take cover. Turns out the horses spent 3 days holed up in a stable in Kansas while the storms
passed. When Louis went to pick them up the area was flooded and he had to lead each one out about a quarter mile through 3 foot deep flood water. I wish things had not have went like that but you can't change the weather! The shipper said they were all good horses and held up quite well.  When Dolce arrived he had been on the road about a week and had dropped a little weight. Didn't seem to bother him much except for a little rain rot. A few days of Betadine wash took care of that. He is AWESOME on the trails. Gaits wonderfully, is very bold, yet very supple. Everyone has been quite impressed!!! Unfortunately I had a (non horse related) accident and broke my ankle recently, so Dolce is waiting patiently for work (what a disappointment). I will begin some heavy duty ground schooling as soon as I get into a walking cast. I figure I should be able to teach him a lot, as well as lots of tricks as he is a very quick study and a clever boy. I figure by the time I can ride again he will be very schooled on the ground. I am a natural horsemanship follower, so I have plenty of fun things to do.
Jeri, California



Hi Eric,

I just wanted to check in and let you know what a great time I'm having on Dolce. He is a BLAST. He goes wherever I point him and can rack faster than my friends can canter on their non-gaited horses. I'm sold!
If you ever want to open a California branch...talk to me!
Jeri Ireland



Well, he finally arrived. You were right...nice horse!  As soon as we unloaded him I saw how calm he was and that lovely coloring. We took him out on our local trail Sunday morning: probably not the best choice of days because the trail was filled with baby strollers, dogs, bikes, toddlers, runners - it was definitely a trial by fire and he did great! Of course Dolce was with him and he is an absolute rock on the trails. Mike was thrilled with Buck's smooth gait. Mike's only complaint...my horse is so flashy (hard to beat that dark palomino color) that I get all the compliments from passerby!

Thanks Eric for another great horse!



We're having a blast with Major Buck and Dolce. Took them
to the coast last weekend for a 12 mile ride - lots of
gaiting, then up over Mt. Baldy (very steep) then down a
beautiful path of redwoods where they filmed the Star Wars
chase. Great day!  Loving both of these guys, Thanks for everything. Jeri



Buck's Subzero





I just wanted to let you know how well Buck (now we call him Buddy) is doing.  After we left your place, we took him directly to Big South Fork and rode him up and down steep hills, mud, water and caves.  He never flinched or spooked at a thing.  He will ride in front or back, and he goes the same.  I am very pleased with his ground manners and disposition.  We took his shoes off, and he gaits the same.  He is doing great with my husband's horse, and they are best buddies now.  I still can't believe is just turning 4 years old.  Your horses are very well trained, and I will recommend you to any one that needs a good horse.  Thank you for working with us, 
Sandy from Georgia












Mr. Deeds



Eric,  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for Mr. Deeds (aka Dillon) and me.  He’s wonderful!  After dealing with one of your top competitors and believing I was bringing home my “dream horse” I was very disappointed to say the least!  They did honor their return policy but I was told they had only one other horse that would be suitable for me and that it was my only option.  Again, I was very disappointed.  I was ready to give up.  I’ve monitored your web site for years so I thought I’d try one more time and I’m so glad I did!  I e-mailed you my criteria and you chose several for me to look at.  It was a miserably hot day when I came but you didn’t make me feel rushed in any way and waited patiently as I looked at each horse.  Dillon was not the first I tried but when I rode him it felt right.  I did a little ground work with him and could tell he had been well trained.  I explained my dilemma and you and Jason really worked with me on a trade-deal that was equitable for both of us.  I also want to say a great big THANK YOU to your dad for meeting me halfway to make the exchange.  I can’t say enough good things about Dillon’s personality.  He’s very friendly and loves attention but he’s not “in your face” and is always respectful of my space.  When I go out in the field he’s always the first to come see what I’m doing.  He follows me around like a puppy.  Unfortunately, weather being what it is in Indiana, too wet or unbearably hot and humid we haven’t been out on the trails as much as I’d like but the few times we have been out Dillon has behaved exactly as you said he would.  After my previous experience I must admit I was skeptical but your description of his behavior couldn’t have been more accurate.  He’s not perfect but I think he’s pretty darn close.  He’s exactly what I’d been looking for.  I’ve wished many times I’d come to you first.  I’ll continue to check your web site and if I ever need another horse you’ll be the first person I contact.  Again, thanks a million!  Nancy - Indiana       


Eric,  Just thought I’d give you a little update on Dillon (aka Mr. Deeds).  I took him to southern Indiana last weekend to the annual Indiana Trail Riders camping weekend.  He was an absolute dream!!!  The place was bustling and he wasn’t a bit concerned.  He stood quietly in his stall and just took in all the sights.  He was one of the most well-behaved horses there.  We had a severe thunderstorm along with a tornado warning one night.  We had to leave the horses to go to the shower house for protection and when we returned he was quietly munching on the hay that hadn’t blown away.  Out on the trails, which were kind of muddy in places, he didn't hesitated to go through or around anything.  Most of the time he was the group’s leader. I also took him to the extreme cowboy obstacle course.  Most obstacles didn’t phase him in the least bit.  The wooden bridge took a few passes then he was walking right up on and over it with no hesitation.  His crowning moment, however, was when he went through the frame that had vinyl strips hanging from it and he went through it was no problem.  We walked back and forth through it several times.  None of the other horses we were with would do it.  I was SO proud of him!  I just couldn’t be happier with Dillon!  He’s one in a million!  Thanks again!   Nancy


Hello Eric,

My name is Nancy and I bought Mr. Deeds (aka Dillon) from you last year.  I thought I’d give you an update on him.  We had an absolutely horrible winter here in east central Indiana last year and for the first time in many years we just weren’t able to ride.  Our last ride for the season was mid to late October.  When the beginnings of spring finally arrived I was a little apprehensive about riding Dillon, a 4-year old, after his long period of inactivity.  The first time we hit the trails he behaved just as he did on our last ride.  You would never have known he’d had such a long period of inactivity.  To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised.  I just can’t say enough good things about him.  He has the looks, the personality and the training foundation that has made him a wonderful companion and trail horse.  Thanks, again, for working with me. Nancy



Capone's Playboy




Hey Eric,
I bought Al Capones Playboy from you guys a couple months or so ago.  He is great, as advertised and we really enjoy him.  When he gaits he is wonderful!  We have really ridden him a lot and he is a machine on the trails, very showy and gets a lot of attention. He is exactly what you and our dad said he was.  He is as sure footed as I've ever ridden. I appreciate all the insight you have shot me and most of all I appreciate the horse!
Chris Ford, Indiana




Voodoo's Lil Rascal



Eric, Just a note to tell you that Rascal is doing great.   He is really a nice fit for me.  Thanks so much for recommending him.  We are camping this weekend with a group and their horses.   I know he will do well as he has so far.   I do have one fear that  someone will come along in the night and steal him off the high line!!!  He is just so darn pretty I get  admiring looks where ever I ride him.  I am going to have to lock him up in order to keep him! I appreciate everything!
Thanks again.  God Bless.   Barb


I wanted you to know that Rascal has helped me gain back my confidence.  He is a really super nice young horse.  We have ridden many a mile over some real rough terrain and he does very well.   I know he was just what I needed to get me back on track after my last horse.  My grandson just arrived in Iraq and riding Rascal keeps my mind focused on something other than that.  My daughter in law is still undergoing her chemo treatments.   I really think that having the horses keeps both my husband I from worrying ourselves to death.  I guess you could say Rascal is my lifesaver! 
Thanks for hooking me up with Rascal.   God Bless. Barb


Hey Eric, My Rascal is still doing very well.  I had him in North Carolina for a week of riding and he was great!  I appreciate everything and keep up the good work!  God Bless, Barb


Magics Flashing Blue

Dollars In General








Eric, I purchased Flasher from you back in Dec., 2008.  He is doing great just as you said he would!  He stands for mounting, loves grooming, farrier friendly, and comes running every time he sees me going to the barn.  He has been great in everyway!  I had some bad experiences with OTHER internet dealers from Kentucky but even with buying Flasher over the phone from you, their were no surprises as he was exactly as you described him and he has been nothing but great!  Thank you so much for Flasher and I will NEVER buy another horse anywhere else EXCEPT from you!

 Sincerely, Sue Cook, Virginia 




Eric, Dollar arrived, he and Flasher are getting along great!  We really love both of them.  Thanks for the great horses, and we appreciate you working with us to make this happen.

The Cooks, VA





Golds Lil Warrior



Hi Eric,
I wanted to thank you and your family for introducing us to Warrior, the newest edition to our family.  I haven't ridden much since I was a kid but have always wanted my own horse.  When I found your website, I was torn between Warrior and another horse.  I'm so happy that I selected Warrior with your urging.  He's just wonderful! 
We took things very slow in the beginning and gave him an opportunity to get used to us and his new surroundings.  I really didn't start riding him until after the second week but just lead him around.  I feel that was the right speed for both of us.  He's so comfortable with his new home and we are doing well. I had a professional trainer come to asssit me a few times to be sure I was doing the proper thing.  Warrior is so sweet and will do whatever I ask of him.  He gets groomed twice a day and regular walks around our property.   He puts a smile on my face when I drive onto our property and see him waiting at the fence.
Just today he got out of his paddock, which is just held by electric tape.  The electric was off and he went to visit our neighbors 10 horses in our top 7 acre pasture.  When I went up to get him at lunch time, I just made a clicking sound that I do when feeding him, he came right back to me and let me put his bridle on him and went back to the barn.


I wanted to say thank you again for matching Warrior with us.  He's just fabulous!  I've really grown in the last 2 years as a rider and that is because he is just such a fabulous horse.  He's my sweetie.  I really appreciate your help in assisting me through the process.  I feel he is so special and perfect for our family.
Best wishes,
Debbie Buttar


Essence of Sundust



Eric-  Dusty arrived safe and sound on Friday night and I rode him Saturday and then again today.  He is very sweet, bonding with everyone and nuzzling into my armpit.  Lots of personality and rides great!  He is quite the talk of the Larkspur Ranch, they are pre-printing all future blue ribbons with his name!   Chris, South Carolina


Eric- It has been about one year that I bought Dusty from you and he grows nearer to my heart everyday.  I have been told, as if I didn't know already, that he is the “horse of a lifetime”.  He is bombproof, sweet, handsome and racks like a champ.  Oh, he has had a bit of a growth spurt too.  He is not young boy that left Kentucky last April.  He is all grown up now!  He had first major parade last weekend at the Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Thousands of spectators, marching bands, bagpipes, buildings and general commotion, but didn’t spook a bit.  I really love this my horse and I can't thank you enough for choosing Dusty for me.  I feel safe on him, but I know I can get up and go with him when I want to.  He is just so sweet.  You are really doing God's work; you are pairing His creatures with His people and creating friendships.  When I am riding Dusty, it is then that I feel closest to God.
Christopher A. Connelly-Attorney at Law



Plowman's Gold Dust

National Treasure








Dear Eric, Roy and Jason,

  After having a previous bad internet buying experience from another internet dealer, we came to you in search of a horse that would meet a long list of needs.  You worked with us over the phone and helped up pick out the perfect boy and was you ever right on the money with him!  After we got him and saw what a wonderful job you all do with matching up horse and riders, we decided that we would get a second horse so that we could ride together and you just happen to have Dusty's life long mate Treasure.  It was a no brainer, he was the one for us and he really has been the perfect additon to the family!  The boys have been absolutely wonderful.  We have had them out on lots of trails and they are great, not spooky and very safe.  They have been so gentle, easy going, and always very sweet.  They are best friends with each other and most importantly best friends with us!  We are more than happy with both of them and you all done a great job picking them out for us.  We appreciate your honest and you accurate descriptions of each horse.  We have told everyone to come and see you all and not to buy anywhere else!  You all are the best!

Thank You,  The Schwab Family, Florida







Tigger Too


Eric,  I have had the best time riding this week, better than I've had in a long time.  Let me start at the beginning.  In March, we were on our way,  from southwest Virginia, to bring home a horse that I had already bought and paid you for.  The transmission went out on the truck and I didn't have the money to fix it and buy a horse at the same time.  Out of the goodness of your heart you sent me ALL my money back that I had paid for that horse.  In July, when we recouped from that financial outpouring, we set out again.  We came home with Jewel, a gorgeous palomino.  He was EVERYTHING you said, but when most people describe a horse as 'laid back', maybe he is or maybe he isn't.  Jewel was very quiet and gentle, he was a great horse for total beginners or kids to ride or learn on.  But I wanted a little more forward movement from a horse. I called & spoke at length with you, and, of course, you had the exact horse that I needed.  You were more than willing to let me exchange Jewell for Tigger, all I needed to do was make another trip back to KY.  I like to look at EVERY horse available, but you kept telling me that Tigger was the horse for me.  We went out on the trails at your farm, and YOU WERE RIGHT!!  Since I have had Tigger home, riding him has been fantastic!  I am very active in Mounted Search & Rescue, and I compete in TREC events, and he is well suited for both activities.  He is alert in the woods; he sees owls, deer & hunters before I do.  He isn't the least bit spooky, and is close to bombproof.  I just need to read him better so I can utilize his capabilities fully in rescue missons. He has been great in every way and you have went above and beyond what I would have expected from you as a horse dealer.  Thanks again for knowing the best horse for me you always pick the winners!  Ann Crawford  Fries, VA


Eric- Tigger is now certified for the Equine Search and Rescue team!!!  I am still loving him, he has been nothing but great in everyway!  Thanks, Ann


Mr. Clean Sweep

Hey Julio


Eric, Roy, and Jay, Just wanted to say thank you for working with me to find me such nice horses.  They are all great and I love everyone of them.  I started off with Sweeps and Phantom and it was love at first site with both of them.  I later added Cobalt and now I also have Julio and he is everyone's favorite.  You have been open and honest with me about everyone of them and I will be doing business with you in the future!  Thanks, Cindy

Cobalt Blues


Moonlight Phantom




Chocolate Chip Ahoy



Just wanted to let you know that Chip is doing great in every way.  I have moved to another boarding facility, Saddle Springs Estates in Thompson's Station, TN.  It is really nice.  Chip has a ceiling fan over his stall and has a private paddock!  This facility has miles and miles of bridle trails as well as a completely enclosed indoor arena the size of a football field.  Chip is living better than my husband and I!!!  We are doing great together, everything is going fine!  I did mount from the ground for the first time the other day with Chip parked out for me, he stood great! I can't wait for the weather to cool down so that we can take advantage of the bridle trails.  It has been so very hot that we ride inside when we ride!  But I love Chip!
Thank You,
Pat Morgan Nashville, TN


Hi Eric,

It has been more than 18 months since I bought Chip from you.  I just wanted you to know that Chip has surpassed my dreams.  Until I found you and Chip, I was about to give up on my dream of trail riding and owing a horse that met my needs and abilities.  Chip is the perfect horse for me.  He has boosted my confidence and has taught me so much.  I treasure him in each and every way.

In March of 2008 I moved Chip to Bowie Park Stables in Fairview , TN.    The stable is adjacent to Bowie Nature Park with over 700 acres and great bridle trails.  Chip and I go on group rides and we also go alone.   He excels in either situation.  He crosses creeks without hesitation, even with rapid running water!  On group rides when some of the riders take off running without alerting the group, I say WHOA and Chip immediately stops!  I am so proud of him.  He has taken care of me so many times.  He runs to me when I go to get him, he nickers when I enter the barn!  He nuzzles me while I am grooming him and I still can’t believe that I have such a wonderful horse!



Chief's Class Act

Cottontop's Cooler




Dear Adams Horse and Mule Co. (Eric, Roy, and Jay)

We want to be sure you all know how much we love and are enjoying Cottontop, Cheifs Dandy Mack and Chief's Class Act.  They have the greatest dispositions, are easy to work with and a pleasure to be around.  We LOVE Cottontop!  He is a sweetheart as well as a clown.  He is smooth to ride, steady and trustworthy.  He is everyone's favorite.  Mack is a great horse as well, always steady and consistant.  Chief is settling in nicely and is the most beautiful horse that I have ever saw.  We are so happy with the choice you made for us as we had to have at least one palomino.  He has beautiful conformation, gorgeous color, and a smooth gait.  We consider him to be our "Hollywood Horse." Cottontop, Mack and Chief have impeccable ground manners. They are extremely willing and easy to work with.  We have had several bad experiences with other internet dealers but everything as been great with you all, from your service, to the accurate descriptions, everything totally honest! We would never buy another horse without it coming from you and going through your excellent training program.  We trust your professional opinion and advice. We can't thank you enough for these wonderful animals, and look forward to working with you again very soon.

Blessings to you and your family,
Linda and Gil Vanderveen

Cheif's Dandy Mack


Bet On Blackjack





Dear Eric,
Just a note to tell you that I took Blackjack out for a ride yesterday, and he was just as you described in every way. I am more than confident that he will be great for our entire family, the kids and especially for those riders that are novices. The 14 hour drive, to and from your place, in one day, was tough, but was well worth the effort to get such a great horse. Thanks again, and take care!
God Bless,
Mack Daugherty



Jose's Magneto





Hi Eric –

I just wanted to give you a quick update about Jose’s Magneto (now called Rio ).  He has adjusted well to life in Illinois!  He has figured out his place in the herd and he is not the last one in the pecking order.  You were right about his friendliness – I have no problems catching him.  He is a very curious horse.  We’ve been out on the trails which you can tell he loves, but sense it is cold, we are also doing some arena riding– new for both of us.  You were totally right – Rio is a good match for me.

Thanks, Melissa IL


Kings Ransom



Dear Eric,

King is AWESOME!!!  He has the best personality, always calm, NEVER pushy and always loving!  We have been trail riding a whole lot, just about every weekend and he handles himself great!  He is only 3 years old but just as you said he is wise beyond his years and he acts like and old horse.  The only problem that I have had sense purchasing King is keeping my husband off of him!  As he loves to ride King too.  Sometimes I have to "fight" for my horse!  I was seriously injured two years ago on my old horse.  The doctors told me they wasn't sure that I would ever ride again.  But with time and 2 surgeries later I was ready to try again and the whole time I was laid off I kept watching your website.  I knew that when I started back that my next horse would come from you!  I needed something that was very calm, really smooth, and super safe, as I couldn't afford any spills.  King has been everything that I wanted and needed.  Thank you for making my dreams come true and for picking out for me such a safe and wonderful horse!

Thanks, Sherry, Ohio 




The Magic Man



Hi Eric,  It has been a little over eight months since Magic Man’s arrival, so enough time has passed to get to know him and therefore accurately describe him.  From the day of his delivery he has been nothing but a gentleman with a calm, gentle, curious and willing nature.  He immediately settled into his new home – if he was nervous or anxious it was not evident.  From day one he has exhibited such a sweet disposition and truly enjoys the company and attention of his 2 legged care takers. He loves to be made over and begs to be the center of attention.  When I contacted you I told you that I required a seasoned horse that would happily ride the trails solo and he does so without incident.  Like you said, you point his head and he will go – a buddy horse is not a requirement for an enjoyable ride.   I’ve also ridden him on the local country roads and with the exception of the extra large, orange diesel tractors, he passes traffic as though nothing is there.  As you may recall, this was my first gaited horse.  His queues and commands were no so different than my experience with the western, Arabian world, so I had few things to learn.   Magic has been a patient, forgiving gentleman.  The teaching has worked in both directions, as I wanted him to be able to back.  He mastered this new assignment within a few days. You disclosed his only “issue”  -that he would walk off while mounting.  But that is his only issue and that was successfully addressed with a mounting block for which he stands perfect for.  I’ve also changed saddles and that too has contributed to his willingness to stand.   He calmly stands for the farrier and vet, crosses water, carefully navigates steep inclines,  approaches you in the pasture, comes when he is called, follows you around in the corral and gets along well with my other horse.  He has done nothing that would disappoint me or shake my trust in him.   He’s a jewel – I wouldn’t take any amount of money for him. As my husband says, the smile never leaves my face when I’m in the company of Magic Man.  Thanks for providing me with a countless supply of “Magical Moments”.  When I’m in the market for another horse I will definitely look to you as Magic is just what I was looking for and you portrayed him just as he is.  Job well done – thank you.

Kim Perley, WV


Super Socks





Hi Eric,
Just thought I would update you on how Super Socks and I (Pam from MA) are getting along. We went on our first camping trip a couple of weeks ago and he did really good.
He was definitely a little trooper. I have to tell you when we were going up Magic Mountain he got a little stuck, because it was so steep, and he ended up on his tippey toes(hooves), which made me a little nervous, but he was trying with all his might to pull us up that hill, and he did it.  All my friends who seen it, was amazed that he didn't end up flat on his face. They all told me he definitely is a keeper because he didn't panic in that situation. I was smiling because we made it up there.  LOL!  I'm sure we are going to see a lot of camping trips together.
Eric I just want to thank you again. If I ever need another horse, I know who to do business with!
Thank You,
Pam from MA


Henry's Golden Boy




Dear Eric,

Henry has been a dream for us!  Everything about him has been dead on with how you described him to us.  He has grown to love us and comes to me everything I go to the pasture.  He gets along with my husband's horse just fine.  His gaits are extremely smooth and he rides on a loose rein, which I love! He is fearless on the trails and even at the young age of 4, he has consistently out preformed all my friend's 8 to 12 year old horses and on many occasions Henry had to be the leader in order to help get my friend's horses past scary  obstacles which never phased Henry.  Although all my friends said that I needed a teenage horse, because I am a novice rider, Henry has proven them wrong time and time again.  I guess the biggest leap of faith, was me buying him over the phone without actually looking at him first.  But I see now that it was really the sure bet and he has been perfect everywhere that I have taken him and he has done all that I have asked of him.  He has been great and I owe all the credit to you guys for picking him out for me!  By the way Mr. Dotson, your all's shippers, were great!

Thanks, Jeri SC


Patches Thunder

Golly Molly











Eric & Roy:
Molly & Thunder are doing great.  We really enjoy riding them together.  We've been to Whitewater State Park (Liberty, IN) and several times to Midwest Trail Rides (Norman, IN) by the Hoosier National Forest.  They have done great everywhere that we have took them.
Thanks so much for your patience in helping us select the right horses.  David and Peggy, IN




Sky's Captivator


Firestones Reflection


Ts Patches


Prides Contender 




Eric, It has been over 2 years sense I have bought my first horse from you and that one has sense been followed up my many more.  I have not yet met you in person but I have a great deal of respect for you.  Every horse that I have bought from you have all been bought right over the phone.  I have bought a lot of horses in my life from many different dealers and individuals.  I have found out that individuals don't see the flaws in their horses and that most dealers overlook or "forget" to tell me about the flaws but focus on the good points.  But it has always been different with you!  As we all know their has never been a perfect horse and you have always told me that.  As we have talked over and over again you have told me the good and the bad points to each and every horse that I have contacted you about.  Now all I have to do is call and say is he for me and it is either a yes or no from you that determines it on my end.  As I have bought 7 horses from you now and all 7 have worked out great for me and my family.  We have trail ridden them and every horse has been dead on how you described them.  I am always looking for a new horse to bring down and as a result I have had to relocate a couple to keep from having to hire a farm manager.  One last thing that always makes me smile... EVERY time I call you I can always hear the hoof beats in the background as we talk on the phone while you are out riding.  I like to listen in and hear the quality horses in the making!  Honestly, do you ever stop riding?  But I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the great horses.


Cash's Buckshot

Prince of Wales


Touching Casper


Champs EZ as ABC



Hi Eric,
I have been meaning to write to you about Champ...
You know the beginning so I will tell you the happy end of the story, which is... that Champ is the best horse that I have ever had! When I go on a trail ride, or need a horse I can trust, he is my choice every time, not to mention how beautiful he is.
 He and I have bonded, and he has his forever home here with me!  I just wanted you to know, that all is well with Champ and I.  Now you have the whole story straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak!  You were right in everyway about him, and you sold me a great horse that matched me well. He is the perfect horse for me no doubt about it!!
I knew I owed you this letter, after all you have done for me.  Keep up the good work!
Linda, NC








Hi Eric
Thought I'd let you know we made it back to Wisconsin with Buster just fine.  He did great on the trip, we stopped and watered him and made sure he had plenty of hay.  I can't believe how nice of a horse he is and only four years old.  I really enjoyed going out on trails with him, we had a good time riding around the arena, I like to just brush him and he loves it too, took him for a walk with me like he was my puppy and I even went for a nice trail ride with my daughter, that was great, and that was the first one in a few years. He has proven him self to be everything that you told me he was!  He loves attention, is so slow and easy, never hyper or in a hurry about anything, he has a nice gait, he is bombproof, and he is my dream come true!  He is the perfect horse and YOU picked out a REAL WINNER for me!!!  Thanks for all your help.


Painters Pride






Hi Eric !
I am very grateful to you guys for sending me Painter, he is one neat horse! He is great in everyway, sweet, smooth gait, not spooky, and trail savvy! I haven't had so much fun on a horse in many, many years.  I appreciate everything!
Thank you so much !
Jeanne- Oregon

Roan Suns Sierra

Rockstar's Showstopper

Annie Oakley






Hello. I hope you and your family are doing well.    We purchased for our daughter, Katie, Roan's Sun Sierra I guess it's been over a year ago now.  I wanted to just send you a note and let you know that Sierra is great, he follows her around like a dog.  Sierra has been the best horse ever for her.  She rides him everywhere and he will run to the gate whenever she calls him and sometimes just when she drives down to the barn. He will go anywhere on the trails and never spooks. She just loves him, in fact, the whole family loves him! 

So because the horse was EXACTLY as you described he was and you were totally honest with us, my way of thanking you was to send friends to you.  You sold Titan and Annie to The Alexanders and my other daughter Sarah came with The Alexanders for that purchase.  They are both delighted with their purchases and both Titan and Annie are riding great for them. They were from Anderson, South Carolina.  Then  you  sold another horse, a buckskin Kentucky mountain horse named Rockstar to Chris and Robbie Hendricks of Clayton and they love him as well.   I'll try and send you some more business! 

Keep doing what you are doing because you have a good thing going!  Everyone down here loves all their horses and mules that they have gotten from you!  Thanks, Dana-GA


Titan Powered


Blazes Magician





Dear Adams Horse and Mule Co., On May 26, 2008, we purchased a horse named Blazes Magician.  Although he is just a 3 year old he has proven to us to be as close to bombproof as any horse that I have saw.  He rides perfect on trails, leads, follows, or will leave the crowd.  He has a very mild temperament, a sweet disposition,  he gaits perfectly, and is always quiet.  We have had him on numerous trail rides and he has preformed EXACTLY as he was described to do.  He walks when I ask and goes when I ask, he is easy to catch and handle.  He trailers just fine as well.  He is a top of the line horse which is exactly what I was looking for and he was exactly as you said he was.  I appreciate everything! I will send everyone your way that I can!                                        Thank You- Larry and Joy


Lil' Romeo






   Just a short note to let you know how Romeo is doing.  I have been riding him 3-4 times a week around the farm and he has been doing wonderful.  As you know I need a step/box to get on a horse and he stands perfectly still for me to get on and off.   He is just a pleasure to have on the farm and he is exactly like you described him.
   One morning last week Steve went to the barn and there was a buck, doe and fawns eating grass in Romeo's pasture and he was in the middle of them grazing away.  He is such a sweet horse!
  I made the mistake of buying from one of your competitors sight unseen and what I got was a horse that was very nervous, snorty and spooky; it was advertised as gentle and beginner safe and was just the opposite.  It was so hard to handle that I was afraid to even try to ride it! I wish I had came to you first!  But Romeo is everything I expected him to be and I am thrilled with him!  Thanks again for all you, Jay and your Dad did for us it was truly appreciated. The saddle works great - I had to get a  shorter cinch because of the drop down rigging.  It's a comfortable saddle and works well.

God's Blessing to you and your family,

Steve & Liz- NY


Walkin After Midnight




Eric & Roy,

Well we are all home safe and sound.  Midnight and Mischief are doing well together. They have their little pecking order battles here and there.  Mischief of course starting the ties' and like by you Midnight takes it with a grain of salt and walks away.  Midnight is a great horse and manages well for a 3 year old.  We are thrilled with the way he was on our mini-vacation.  People we rode with were also surprised with him being moved around and then being a perfect gentlemen on the trail. We were impressed how well he adapted to the different places we took him on our way back home from picking him up from you.  Charlie and I wanted to thank the both of you for all you did for us.  Midnight is a total pleasure to have and is a loved member of our family.

Thanks again for everything! 

Charlie and Lillian- New York


JL's Popeye





Good Morning, Eric.  I just wanted to let you know that all is well here.  Popeye is great, he is beautiful and he is much better than I could have ever hoped for!  He is worth twice what I paid for him but he is priceless to me and not for sale at any price!!!  He is doing well with the other horses and getting along great.  I wanted to let you know that I will highly recommend you to all of my friends!!!


Linda- SC


I'm Amos Moses




Hi Eric:
I rode him once this week and he was soooooo happy to be out.  He marched confidently right down the road with another horse behind him, no problem.  Baking dogs, garbage trucks - not an issue.  He went right into the woods and was a happy camper.  He stopped at the crest of a steep slope and did not want to proceed.  He was right!!!  His saddle had slipped so far back I was almost sitting on his rump so I guess he was off balance.  I dismounted, reset the saddle and he stood perfectly.   People are "wowed" by these horses up here and I would love to promote the breed to bring more of your gorgeous horses to the area.
When I was done with resetting the saddle, I got back on and down he went happily forward. He is so broke and well mannered!  On the way home, he led without a blink.
He is an ANGEL, and a perfect gentleman.   I couldn't be happier with him and he is EXACTLY as you described him.
THANK YOU FOR SELECTING AND SENDING ME THIS GLORIOUS, SWEET CREATURE!  If I could ever manage enough riding time for a second horse, I would not feel the need to come down to Mt. Vernon as I am totally confident that you would send me the perfect horse again, although I sure did enjoy being at your farm and meeting you and your family.  Tucker is the  most beloved and appreciated horse in the state of New York!
Many thanks to you, Eric. Talk to you as soon.


Champs Chance






I wanted to let you know I love Chance! He has convinced me gaited horses are the way to go. He is very good natured, does stand still for anything needed, and has been easy to catch, saddle and ride. I love the bridle too. He has shied from very few things if I ride by myself or at the front on a trail ride. He doesn’t worry about anything when he follows other horses and did great on a trail ride this weekend. I know with more time in the saddle he’ll trust me even more. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on him and I am really happy! One day maybe we’ll make it to Kentucky.  He is a great match for me and I really love this guy!


Gail Gane



Pushers Night Prowling

Thunders Slick Bandit







Hey Eric, Today is our 1 year anniversary of buying Prowler and Tramp from you.  It has been a year full of fun and learning!  Thought I would just give you a quick update...  Prowler is my horse.  It was love at first sight!  He has really bonded with me and follows me around like puppy!  He looks to me for comfort anytime that something startles him, if I am leading him he will put his forehead on my stomach, if I am riding him he will turn and put his nose on my leg and it calm him right down.  He is very sensible and doesn't freak out at things.  He is turning into my dream horse and is getting even more beautiful as he matures.  Tramp and Cliff has bonded very well, and their is not a mean bone is Tramps body.  We have made these horses our babies and they are now part of the family.  Anyways thank you for finding them for us, they have a home forever!


Sheila Scale




Spirit of John Wayne







  JW is doing great!  We are real happy with him and will be back soon for a few more horses for the rest of the family!  I appreciate everything.  It was nice doing business with you.


Bobby Martin- Arkansas


Aces Beat Vegas

Prides Rockin Midnight










Hi Eric,
I just wanted to let you know our horses arrived safely.  We have been riding them all over the trails near our house already.  They are absolutely wonderful, exactly like you represented him.  Very calm and spook free, confident on the trails and the road.  They are quite a head-turning pair.
Great smooth gaits (my 1st gaited horse).  Donna and I are very satisfied with your shippers.  I was sort of nervous buying a horse over the internet without looking at it first, but you have been 100% honest and very helpful the whole way.
Thanks again,
Lorraine Clark-Sako and Donna Starr
Washington state



Phat Freddy

Ringo Fire

Rage of Many Colors









Dear Eric,

  I cant believe that I am finally writing this to you.  I saw all the testimonials on your website but just figured that I would never be that happy! But now that we have had the guys for a while I just had to drop you a note and tell you that our horses are doing great!  they are everything that you promised that they would be and they have went beyond our expectations!  I love my boy Big Fats, as I call him.  Polly is doing fine with Ringo and my son CJ is in love with Rage!  You really know what you are doing down there and we are firm believes in your training.  It is so clear that you all have worked with these horses as they all ride just like you told us they would.  They are very much in tune to what we want them to do as the rider and they are eager to please us.  We have had the 3 boys on a few rides and they have done perfect for us.  Freddy is a great leader, Ringo likes to lag behind and Rage keeps up with me.  They bathed, trailered, and picketed great for us.  We just can't believe that you all matched us up so well.  I like the way Freddy is built so he can carry a big guy like me.  Polly needed a slimmer shorter horse so she can get on without any problems and CJ needed something that would take care of him as he has not ridden much before he got Rage.  You have 3 totally satisfied customers down here and we just wanted to thank you all so much for all you have done for us.


The Puttmans, Tennessee


Gold Nugget

Mikey Be Brave









Hi Eric
I just want to tell you how much you have help me out with my horses.  I just wanted to tell you how Nugget is doing... he is settling in to his new home very well him and Macky gets along wonderfully just like you said they would. He is very gentle and easy going.  You said he was a little lazy adn I love that about him.  He is very patient with me as I make so many mistakes but he is always understanding of those.
I had him on a trail ride in Georgetown and he rode perfect!  never spooked at anything and he took me down the trail in style and was sooo smooth!  He has a lot of speed which I wanted but he also rides on a loose rein which I had to have!
Thanks a lot I love both of them that I got from you.  You all are the best!
Thanks Ann from



Bugs Bunny






hey Eric, Bugs is doing great.  We just love him.  I think he likes it here too.  He gets fussed over constantly.   We went for a nice trail ride today and it was great as always.  I'm trying to talk my husband into getting another horse for him to ride with me. We'll see.  Thanks again for everything.

 Mitzi-New York  P.S.  Your horse transport guys was really nice. 



Shoot The Thrill

Shake Rattle N Roll







 Shooter is doing great!  We have took him on a few trail rides and he has done wonderful.  He goes anywhere that we ask him to go, he is fearless of everything, he is a great leader but will also follow so that I can stay back and ride with my daughter as she is riding Shaker which we also got from you.  We have had Shooter at some shows and he has also rode perfect there as well.  He is everything that you promised that he would be and we are very well pleased with him and Shaker!


 Shaker is doing great!  He is everything that you said he would be and a whole lot more.  Our 9 year old daughter rides him everywhere she wants to go!  She has had him at several shows, on numerous large trail rides and she handles Shaker with ease.  He has not given her a minutes problem about anything.  You should see them together, Shaker is so in tune to do what she wants him too do.  She walks out in the pasture and catches him anytime that she wants to, he stands for her to mount, rides on a loose rein and is always patient with her!  You done a great job at matching them up together and we appreciate it so much!  You all are the best!


The Sloan's, Kentucky


Dancers Mountain Gold




I just wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying Dancer (aka Buck).  We gave him several days to settle in and then I rode him the first few times.  Dick rode him in our indoor ring last night.  Dick is still a little cautious and prefers to just go around at a walk until he feels more comfortable with Buck but I think his confidence will build quickly since
Buck is so well behaved.   He travelled quietly travelling here to our farm and since he's been here has been friendly and cooperative.  He is beginning to make friends with several of our horses.  Currently he is turned out with our old mare and yearling filly.  My gelding is away for several month's
training but will be joining Buck in the pasture in July.  We want to thank you for the solid training you gave him.....I'm sure he'll make a great trail partner for Dick.
Thanks again.
Ruth and Dick Baugh
Leandra Farm Friesians




Eagle Eye

Sunny's Goldmine




Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that Eagle is working out great!!!
   He is such a pleasure to be around and is exactly as you described him to be!!!  He is low man in the field and is GREAT in the saddle.  Your father described him as getting smoother the longer you ride him and that is true as well.  He is fine
when I first get on him, he is calm, and he just gets better and better every time I ride him.  Both horses here that came from you are doing great.  They are all around great horses.  We will soon be in the market for another one and we will definitely be watching your site for new and up and comings.
Carrie Smiley
Lebanon, TN


  Good morning Eric.  I just had to write and tell you about Sunny.  I rode him yesterday for about 4 hours.  HE IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!  How do you do it?  You seem to have the knack to put the right horse with the right person.  Sunny is as gentle as my standard poodle, maybe even a little more gentle, at least he doesn't want to jump on everyone!  He's so tall and my legs are so short I have to stand on a hay bale to get on him, he walks right up to the hay bale stands perfectly still and lets me get on. 
  He made the ride home perfectly, it was dark when we got here so unfortunately I wasn't able to turn him out with his new friend Romeo until the next day (and by the way, they got along GREAT, no fighting AT ALL!! I knew that was going to be a good sign.) The first day after letting him out to pasture, he still walked up to me and let me put his halter on and off several times.  He followed me around the field just like a puppy. 
  I can't express to you how much I appreciate your honesty, training abilities, and intuition.  I think Sunny and I are going to have many many years of fun.
  Thanks again Eric and when I'm in the market for another horse I will certainly be back....which may not be too far in the future!!!
Kathy Lorance
Gallatin, TN.






Ricco's Revelator


Good morning!  Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I really had not had a chance to ride Ricco much with weather and obligations here in Virginia.  He is a real gentleman.  He is the low horse around here.  I am amazed that he just walks away from a fight.  He is easy to catch, walks up to me when I call for him.  I have had him reset twice now.  He is good for the farrier also.  I took him up to a local mountain trail in the Blue Ridge on Saturday last week. He rode in the trailer without any problems, compared to other people's horses kicked and pawed their trailers and danced around.   I have been overly protective since his attitude is so calm and quiet.  He stays in a field with one other horse.  He was great on the trail.  Traffic, horses in the fields, creek, people didn't bother him.  He crossed a rocky creek in the trail and never missed a step.  He rode quiet and calm….A great old woman's horse without a doubt!!!  He was alert and willing all the way.  I haven't had a chance to move him out, but he has a real comfortable slow rack.  I am going on my first big ride this coming Saturday and a big camping weekend the end of April.  I will keep you updated as his progress.  He seems lazy which suits me fine.  I can't get over how calm and well mannered he is. Thank you every so much.  I am looking forward to riding this spring and have signed up for all the rides that I have missed over the past 2 years.  I would highly recommend you to anyone.  You sold me a great horse and worked with me which most people would never had done! 

Take care and best wishes,


Rode Rico over weekend at large ride of 90 horses in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  He did great.  Crossed the river which was up to his belly like a champ!  He was great on the ground, in the pen, during the storms, hauling to and from, and a real pleasure to ride.  Thank you ever so much!  If people don't buy your horses, they are wasting their money and time while buying from anyone else!  If ever I need another one, you will be the only I call.
Best wishes,
Belinda, Virginia
Hi Eric, I am a friend of Belinda and rode with her on her first trail ride at Massies Mill , Virginia on her new horse Ricco. As you know she had lost her horse and had purchased another horse (Not from you) which did not work out for her. I can not put into words how perfect Ricco is and how happy he has made her so I have attached two pictures to show you. Thank you so much for making her dream horse be a reality. If I am ever in the market for another horse ( I have two) I will definitely be getting in touch with you. 
           Chesapeake, Virginia


Rusty Nailed It





THANK YOU BONNIE, Pennsylvania


Pushers Casper




Hey Eric,

  Just wanted to drop you a line and say that we love Casper!  He has been great for the whole family.  My kids have rode him around the farm and my wife has as well.  He walks for them and is very aware that he has nervous riders on him, so he really takes his time with them.  We have been on lots of trail rides with him and he has been perfect!  He never spooks, rides anywhere that I ask him to go, and when he encounters a new situation he handles himself better than I could ever expect!  We have saw lots of deer and several ATV's on the trails and he handles himself just like you said he would.  He is easy to catch, very friendly to handle and I just love this horse!  I appreciate everything that you all helped me with while I was making my decision and I am very happy with my purchase!

Thanks, Caleb- Kentucky


Clifford's Big Red






Just wanted to give you a quick update on Johnnie Walker Red. He is doing fantastic! What a great guy. He is starting to settle in very well. Our second horse, a thoroughbred mare, and Johnnie have fell immediately in love. He is definitely the alpha horse but they get along beautifully. Johnnie has had a vet check and evaluation and he is in perfect health, good for you, well done. I am very impressed that the horse, is exactly as you have portrayed him. We have not ridden much him yet, still giving him time to settle. He crosses the creek in our pasture without hesitation and does everything we ask him to at this point. What a good horse. It has been great dealing with you guys. 

Julian, West Virginia








Just wanted to let you know, I'm the one who bought Mr. Explosive.  i.e. Romeo.  He's the best horse I've ever had. He's calm, well-mannered, behaves and minds well. And he adores me.  You did a great job training him.  I love him and he has a home here with me from now on!
Linda Nichols, Kentucky



Jett's Hard Cash

Carbonated Fire

Rocks Diamond Jim



Dear Eric and Roy,

We are now 100% convinced believers!  We had quarter horses for many years but decided to venture out and give gaited horses a try.  We are glad we did and are not looking back.  The biggest challenge when making a change is to learn all you can.  Horses are horses and each breed or type brings the good and the bad right along with it.  Most of the time, the “bad” is what humans have thrown into the mix; there are not many “bad” horses just horses that have been treated “badly”.

We baby boomers have a clock ticking and no, not the biological one!  We are at a point where we realize that the next few years are going to be the best ones we will have to do the more physically demanding things.  It is now “our time” and that time is not unlimited.  We don’t have the time to raise and train the prefect trail mount.

You are definitely providing a valuable service in finding horses and then making sure there are no major problems with them.  If there is a manageable quirk, you are pointing it out.  Some might think your horses are high priced but you are selling great horses at a good price considering the amount of time you are spending on each horse to make sure they are what people are asking for.  Many times I have heard people comment that they have spent endless hours and miles on the road trying to find a horse that is right for them.  There is definitely a value to the extra service you provide and it addresses the concerns noted above that a lot of us are dealing with.

We were initially skeptical when calling you the first time.  We had the experience over the years in the quarter horse world of knowing what to watch out for but also knowing you can still get burned.  So far, it is great to report that we have been VERY pleased with our dealings with you.  We bought Jet’s Hard Cash and Carbonated Fire this summer and more recently helped match friends with Rock’s Diamond Jim.  We can not say enough good things about all three horses.  You represented each very well.  You were not anxious to sell Jet’s Hard Cash (aka Cruiser – better looking than Tom Cruise!) and now we know why.  He is an absolute joy to have.  We now know you were honest when saying you wanted him for yourself!

Eric and Roy, please keep up the good work and keep telling it as it is.  Potential buyers, our advice to you is to listen to what they say and be honest about your own capabilities so a good match can be made!

And, yes, we are watching your website for our next purchase.

Jim and Marilyn Raske, Minnesota

Broke as a Joke




Bucks Gunsmoke


Just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Eric for such a great horse!  Buck's Gun Smoke arrived in great condition (the shipper was fantastic with Buck and kept us informed all along the way where he was and how my horse was doing in the trailer, etc).  and after a few days of settling in at the barn (Buck was a bit nervous his first few days in a new place) , he has turned into the most wonderful trail horse and companion just as you said he would be!  Absolutely fantastic show ring headset and gait to die for!  and totally unflappable on the trails - he passes new things with a quick look, maybe a short stop and with the slightest nudge on we go.  We went on a 2 hour trial ride with friends today and he went in the front, middle, and back with no problems and even jumped a huge log that was on the trail that some of the other horses would not traverse.  He has an incredibly smooth cantor ( to cue him you only have to think the word Cantor and he does it!) and stops easily with a tug on the reins.  We changed his bit to a Imus comfort bit and he loves it and maintains that beautiful headset even at a walk.
We are thrilled with our new boy and highly recommend you if anyone is looking for a good trail mount to just contact Eric
Joanne in Charlotte, NC


Just wanted to let you know that we ADORE this horse - so steady on the trails and easy to ride.....we trailered to a NC State park this past weekend - he jumped in/out of the trailer with no problems -  and while on the trail he was totally unflappable - even when he saw new things.  Other horses were spooky and nervous but Buck remained calm and in control.  He was the calming influence for the entire 4 hours we rode.
thanks again for such a great horse!



King of the Hill

Midnight Phantom







Eric, I wanted to give you and your dad an update on King and Phantom.  First of all, let me start by thanking both of you for your patience and assistance in helping us to find the right horses.  They made the trip to South Carolina without incident.  We went straight to our vet to get their vaccinations up to date.  Even though they had been on the trailer for over 6 hours, they got off of the trailer at the vet and stood still for their check ups and shots. What's even more impressive is a freight train had just passed by the vets parking lot before we unloaded them.  The vet was very pleased with them, as were we.  They have made the adjustment to their new home quite nicely.  We have been doing lots of ground work to get them flexible and to develop respect. They both have been doing really well with their training.  We use a lot of techniques that Clinton Anderson teaches and they really work.  Both boys are learning quickly.  Today we rode them for the first time and translated our ground work into undersaddle work.  They did really well.  I can't tell you how nice it is to have horses that don't look for an opportunity to try and hurt you.  They have great ground manners and wonderful dispositions.

Thanks for being someone who only sells quality horses.  We won't have any problem recommending you and your dad to others.  Thanks again,
John and Alison Gianakas



Texas Lonestar





Dear Eric,
For decades I have privately mourned the loss of my horse Bailey, and was certain I could never ever find a horse as precious. Texas Lone Star has exceeded the category of precious. I can never thank you enough for your wisdom in matching him to me, a person you hardly know. The happiness this horse brings to me is ABSOLUTELY  ENORMOUS!!!! He was, is, and always will be, worth the wait. As you know, my Dad died last month. This horse is so healing towards the hurt of that loss. Again, I can't thank you enough.  Lonestar is FANTASTIC!!! God bless you.
Elizabeth Tyson



Patches of Velvet






Eric, Patches is working out great. He is a happy boy and I like him a lot. Your right, I can’t find any bad habits at all in him.  I am very happy with him and he has been great.

Thanks,  Nancy Lichman Alabama



Cut Me In


Ace Ventura







Heres' an update.
Lonnie's horse is Cut Me In (now "Ghost"), the one with all the dapples.  Lonnie still likes him a lot, although he hasn't had time to ride him off the property that much and get to know him like he had hoped. Now that the winter weather is here we won't go anywhere until spring. He is a very sweet horse.
Splash.com, the 3 year old Pusher bred, show/trail combo horse, may be our favorite, with Ace a very close second.   As you know, a lot of riders are missing some great horses by not considering a showier type horse.  Our two best pleasure horses, that Lonnie and I rode until they got too old, were stylish horses.  Splash is broke to just about everything and so sensible about everything. When Lonnie first got to ride him, he would come in the house and say "That Splash, he's really a nice horse".  I think he was a little surprised at how nice he is.                                                                Ace Ventura, (now Ace) the black and white Spotted Saddle Horse we bought for me is still fat, maybe fatter.  He is just the right size for me , and is not afraid of anything, well one thing-the first time we fed him hay outside on the ground this fall he was pretty comical.  We had already put the hay on the ground and led him into the pasture-he saw that pile and wouldn't go near it.  I guess he thought we have bears here, or something.  That is the only thing in the world he has ever looked at in all that we have rode or handled him.  But in 5 minutes he was fine and eating every bite he could.
Well, I have bored you enough with the horsey stories-that's what you have to put up with when people are crazy about their horses like we are!
The best to you and yours this holiday,
Sara and Lonnie Whitworth, Oregon





Charming Spirit





Dear Eric,

  Wanted to let you know that Charm is just great!  He has settled in awesome.  Everybody that boards horses here at the barn has fell in love with him!  He has made new friends with all the horses and not to mention all the people.  I have told everybody about you and you horses.  We are extremely happy with him.  I appreciate everything!!!  You’re the BEST!!!

Mike Van Ryan, Florida





Aces Phantom Chico





Hi Eric (and Jason, too!)

We arrived home without any problems with Chico yesterday, but the girls insisted on making three (!!!) stops along the way to check on him and to give him a kiss and a pat through the slots of the trailer...they absolutely adore him...thank you so much for our new addition. When we got home, we
brushed him out good, gave him a lot of good lovin', and don't you know, Peyton rode him until 8:00p.m.  She has NEVER stayed in the saddle that long...EVER!  I had to make her put him up and brush him back down and feed him because she wanted to keep ridin'.  I'm so excited to see what the future holds for her and her new best friend. I've never
seen Peyton so happy with a horse! Thanks again for such a wonderful horse for my little girl...You all have made three little ladies VERY happy!!!



Macks All Lite Up





Just wanted to let you know how wonderful "Mack" is!  He is hands down the smartest horse I have ever ridden!  He is completely in-tuned to what I want him to do and he gives me 110% every time I'm on him.  He's always "on the bit", even when I'm on him bareback!!  Although he's a gelding, he still has personality, he snorts and plays, leaves piles along the fence line and is possessive of me all the time.  When I try to give our other horses any attention, Mack moves right in and makes sure I am giving all my attention to him!  I just love him!

Amy Kates- New York


I'm In Your Dreams






Eric, We have now trail rode Dreamer and he rides every bit as well as we hoped he would! He and the other horse we have go excellent together.  Dreamer really is very sweet! The more we snuggle, the better he likes it.  I will continue to keep you posted.
ps. Mike has changed his name to "Cody".

Lesley and Mike- Pennsylvania!!! 


Rambo's D-Day






Hey Eric,  Love the horse he is doing great!  We have trail ridden him a lot and he is just super nice and very easy to handle.  It has been great dealing with you all!

Jeff, Pennsylvania!!! 


Chances Avenger







I love him!  He is great in everyway!  He is exactly like you said he was and has done everything just right for me.


Robin, Georgia



Kiss Me Kate




Hi Eric:  I just wanted to say a big "Thank You", not only for Katie, but for your help and assurance with her.  My daughter, who is 4 months pregnant, took her out on a two hour trail ride with one of my other friends, and both couldn't stop saying how amazing she was!  My daughter had lost her confidence a couple of years ago with a paint mare that threw her, and thanks to "Katie", she has her confidence back! Amber is just in awe over "Katie".  I know I had told you I didn't think she was right for me and I was contemplating selling her; but I actually took her out on the trails, which I had not done before, with my husband today and was totally impressed!  She walked cautiously over the ground covered in leaves as if she knew there were huge stumps underneath; once she felt it was safe, we were back in gait and going along "tickety boo".  She was amazing!  I have now had several people tell me that if I sell "Katie" I am crazy! LOL!  I even had a lady email tonight about "Katie" and I told her she wasn't available.  What I did tell her though, was to look at your site and go from there.  I also told her she wouldn't be disappointed!
Thank you once again Eric for not only putting up with me and my millions of silly questions, but for also assuring me that "Katie" wouldn't do anything wrong!  I really do love her and she has just the kindest eye that just makes you melt!  It has been wonderful doing business with you and I will continually recommend you to others!
Take care and God Bless!- Candace Beattie, Canada




Cimarron's Renegade


Hi Eric,
I've had Cimmaron for a month now and wanted to let you know how happy I am with him!   I couldn't have bought a better horse,  he's exactly as you described him and exactly what I wanted.   I just can't say enough good things about him....and honestly neither can anyone else here at the ranch!  He's won everyone over with his wonderful personality and beauty.  One of my best friends here will be riding him for me for the next few weeks as my husband and I will be traveling....she's already so in love with him that I'm afraid when I get back she'll have stolen him away!! 
Again, thank you so much for your honesty and integrity....and for this wonderful horse.  I bought him from you, sight-unseen, without being able to come up and ride him first....and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.   I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who's looking for a good gaited gelding......You get nothing but gold stars from me.
Missy Hinson
Lancaster, SC


Major Sham Payne



Dear Eric,

  I have had Major for a while now and I just wanted to send you a letter to let you and everyone know how happy I am with him.  When I first called you I described to you what I was looking for.  It had to be glamorous looking, good sized, well mannered, smooth gaited, and above all it had to be safe around kids!  After I set up an appointment with you I brought the family out to see and ride him.  I am sure that the kids about drove you crazy that day with all their questions about each horse that they saw and about your barn cats!  After we spent several hours testing Major out and discussing him, I decided that I just couldn’t live without him!  So we purchased him.  When I bought him I though he was perfect!  Now that we have had him home, here riding him around, I now know he is perfect!  He is just what we as a family were looking for!  He comes to us when he sees up go up to the gate in the pasture.  Connor, my youngest son, has ridden him by himself in our round pen and Aaron has ridden him alone a couple times on the trails.  But I have to keep reminding them to get their own!  Major is mine from now on!  So we just keep watching your website to see what crazy stunts you come up with next and what beautiful horses that you keep producing!  Our buying experience with you and your Dad was the best that we could have hoped for.  You all were honest, patient, and done your best to answer all of our seemingly 1000 questions!  I have recommended you to all of my friends but Major has done most of the spokesman’s job for you!

Thank You So Much,

Angela and Family, Tennessee


Furys Gamblin Man




Eric and Roy,

  I have to say thank you for a fabulous horse!  Gambler has been more then a blessing to me and he has brought my son many Saturday nights of joy and a lot of ribbons!  We have also been trail riding him some and he is just like you said in everyway!  We have saw many deer a few turkey and they only thing that got him to even perk up his ears was a bear!  The first one that we saw, Gambler just took a look at it then walked on like it was nothing.  We really love this horse and my son and Gambler has had a great season in the show ring.  We took him to 6 shows and entered him into Country Pleasure, Open Pleasure, and Trail Pleasure classes at each one.  Gambler took a few Blues beating horses that cost 3-4 times as much as he did!   Next spring we will be back for another horse for me, as Gambler has pretty much been taken over by Mikey!  So you save a good one for me, I need one that will give Gambler a run for his money in the show ring!  I would hate to let Mikey beat me all the time with my own horse!

Jerry and Mikey Hill







Don't Touch My Trigger


Dear Eric,
I LOVE THIS PERFECT HORSE!  Don't Touch My Trigger is the sweetest, most gentle, and trusting horse anyone could ever imagine.  And on top of that, he is absolutely gorgeous!  Here I thought that I already owned the most beautiful horse,  but this guy just might be the one.  You must be Dr. Doolittle!!!  You told me exactly how he would react when he got to the barn.  And you were right. It took him exactly three days to totally warm up to me coming into his stall.  Now he runs to me like a puppy.  And thank you for taking those precautionary measures in making sure he didn't catch anything in a strange trailer around strange horses.
This guy has such a beautiful spirit about him.  He is so innocent and pure.  You can tell that he was trained by a kind person with a gentle hand.  He is very proud and holds his head so nice, even when he is on a lead.  His movement and the way he turns his head to look at something is so graceful.  He has alot of confidence.  It's hard to believe that he is only three years old.
We've been working together on getting his gait exactly to my liking.  And then today I remembered you telling me that he might be a little lazy with a timid rider and to get after him.  I did just that and I found that awesome gait.  Now he knows what I want.
I told myself that I would never buy a horse over the internet without seeing him first.  But with three young children and trying to surprise my husband for his birthday, that was impossible.  Well, when I saw this guy on your website and read your testimonies I took a leap of faith and just did it.  He ended up being even more gorgeous than the pictures and kinder than his description!!!  And my husband is elated.  He hasn't even asked me "how much" (yet). One of the reasons I did this was to try to get my husband to enjoy himself and not work so hard.  And today he said "How about a picnic and a trail ride after."  It worked!!!
And thank you for working with me and sticking to your word, even when someone offered you more than what you wanted for Trigger after I had committed to him.  It must feel great being able to work with such beautiful animals and selling a product that gives people so much joy.
Thanks for always being available to answer any of my questions before and after the sale, for being so honest,  for being so good at what you do, and for making me feel like I'm your most important client (I know you have many.)
Amanda, Ohio



Champs Knock Out






I’ve had “Champ” for about 9 months now and thought you might like to know that he is still doing very well here, and we are very pleased that we bought him from you.  He is everything that you said he would be – a calm, gentle, wonderful trail horse, with a beautiful, naturally smooth gait and canter.  Although he is young, nearing 5 years old, he seems much older, as he has such good sense and great temperament.  He’s amazingly intelligent, learns new things surprisingly quickly.  He crosses water, mud, and downed brush skillfully.  He very rarely spooks and has been safe enough for the nervous rider that I am.  Plus, I’ve been able to get him certified and registered as a Kentucky Mountain Saddle horse, so he could be shown too.  Overall, he is a wonderful, beautiful horse.  We love him!  Thanks again!

Elizabeth and Mark Lacy
Lacy Communications LLC



Image of Cash




I finally have gotten around to emailing you about "Image of Cash".  As you know, he is living in my "winter" home in Aiken, SC.  I've had a friend of mine riding him....she loves him.  I've ridden him about 5 times and he is awesome!  A real cut up for sure!  He has a personality that doesn't quit.  He is perfect on the trails in everyway...I pulled his shoes as the sand trails in Aiken do not require any shoes.  There are no rivers or steep hills to cross and I think maybe he misses that!  But If I decide to bring him to CT he will be great.  I just wanted you to know that he is ALL you promised that he would be and more.
Thank you!  I will happily provide references, if you need them.
Cyndi, Connecticut


Bobby Bug Juice




Thank you so much for Bobby Bug Juice, now called "Tango".... He has turned out to be a total mush!  He is NOT nervous about anything and will go anywhere.  I know you and your dad had some doubts about him being the right horse for me and I know you wondered why I chose him among all the other great horses that you had when I visited.  Answer...WE just bonded!  The minute I saw him I knew I had to buy him.  He is the perfect size for me....and his gait is unbelievable!!!  He travels slow when I want or really FAST when I ask!!!!  I have pulled his shoes as the sand in SC needs no shoes.  I love him so much!

Thank you.
Cyndi, Connecticut



Little Joe Cartwright



Hi Eric,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Little Joe.  His personality is fabulous and he is extremely gentle.  He is my first gaited horse and I can say that I did not make a mistake buying him without trying him out first.  He is the most sensible horse I have ever ridden.  He is always very eager to please and is such a good boy!  Everything you told me about him is true.  I did what you told me regarding his reining and it worked like a charm.  Everyone that meets Little Joe is so pleased with his disposition and comment how beautiful he is.  He is my dream horse and now I have him.

I want to let you know that it is a wonderful thing how you train these horses.  I am still looking for a horse for my husband and son.  I will definitely buy my horses from you in the future.  

Thank you so much for everything and I'm sure we will be talking soon!

Middletown, Delaware



Mask's Concealed Threat





Hi Eric,

I just wanted to tell you that Mask arrived safely in Ohio on Friday evening about 8 P.M.   He did well on the trip.   I am thrilled with him!   He is easy to work with and seems to respond well to me.  I am sure he will do a good job taking me on my week long camping and riding trip.  He seems to have bonded with me already.  I think the apple treats have helped that along!   I have ridden him every day for several hours in preparation for our trip and he is a joy to ride.   His gait is so smooth and he is easy to bridle and saddle.   I am sure we will share  many, many happy trails!   

Thanks!  Barb Matthens, Ohio.


Rainmans Playboy




Hello Eric,
      I just wanted to say thank you again for Rainman. He is doing well and is getting lots of compliments at my trainer's boarding facility. Everyone is so impressed by his good looks and calm behavior. My trainer Sue has bred and shown Saddlebreds including several World Grand Champions for over 30 years, so she knows good horses, and she was very impressed with Rainman and his gaits. I rode him around the barn Sunday and he behaved like a dream. Megan, one of the assistant riding instructors, also rode him and she could not stop complementing him. Rainman just seems to be taking all this in and is as sweet and laid back as ever, just like you said he would be! He is so beautiful and I love his size (16 hand), he fits in great with the Saddlebreds (16+ to 17 hands). Oh, did I mention how calm and well behaved he is compared to the rest of the barn and what a smooth ride!  I love him!
Thanks again and we will e-mail you another update soon.
           Best wishes,
          Alicia Abutaa, RN


Threats Mr. Wolf


Dear Eric,
I just want to say how impressed I am with the service I got from Adams Horse and Mule Company!  Last week I bought "Wolf", a 5 year old gelding.  Everyone thought I was crazy, because I bought him based only on pictures, video, and talking to you... I live 450 miles from Kentucky so going all the way there to see him just wasn't going to happen on my schedule! 
When he arrived he was absolutely everything you had said he was!  Calm, well-mannered, and beautiful.  He had even lost a shoe and cracked his hoof the day before he was to be shipped,  and you had already fixed it, replaced his shoes and made sure he didn't have any lameness or lost his gait! 
You told me he was very smooth and very light on the reins, and he absolutely is.  I ride now with my 3 year old daughter in front of me, and she loves it!  (She can't stand riding my quarter horse!)  Now I have a calm, very well-trained and very smooth horse that I can ride with my daughter!  Also, I am taking him trail riding this weekend, and I can't wait to show him off...he is absolutely a knockout!
Again, I can't thank you enough for your honesty and forthrightness with our transaction, and I must say that I am incredibly impressed with your eye for beautiful, quality horses.  You are also, obviously, a very talented trainer, and I thank you for sending me a horse that does not need to be "finished."  He was worth every penny I paid for him!
Best wishes, and don't be surprised if you hear from more people from Georgia... I am talking you up down here!
Tonia Shatzel, DVM
Ila, Georgia

Prince Georgeio







Eric, Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed Prince Georgio. He is such a big, beautiful boy !!!!! He is a great trail horse and will go anywhere you ask him to. When in the pasture he is easy to catch and follows me around like a dog. He loves to smell my perfume and nibble my shirt. He loves to be bathed and pampered. He is a great companion and has helped me get over my loss. Thank you so much for getting us together.  Thanks !!!! Pat Brooks, North Carolina



Beams Bourbon




Hi Eric,

Last week I got the registration papers, thank you for the effort to get the signature of the previous owner. Also paperwork with customs Luxembourg were no problem.
Now Bourbon is a week with us and he is absolutely wonderful! I have rode him all over and he is perfect in all ways!  He did have a tough ride getting to Germany, First to Houston,TX, then the 30 day quarantine, the flight to Luxembourg and again the transportation to south of Germany. As Bourbon likes German hay and grain I'm sure he will continue to grow.   Do you remember I was so uncertain about his long toes and how he would gait with shortened toes? You were perfectly RIGHT, With short toes his gait is still a dream! His walk is a perfect four beat no pace or trot at all combined with a great stride. And not only his walk is perfect, also his canter is so smooth and always controllable although Bourbon is eager to go forward in which I love!  All my friends are amazed by him! I'm quite sure, Bourbon will be my lifetime horse, thank you for your help to find this dream horse of mine! I LOVE Bourbon!

Inge Schwarz-Köhler, Germany


Bucks Secret




I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Buck. He arrived and is settled in nicely with his new surroundings. I rode him yesterday, and he does have a motor, just exactly like I wanted! He is just as you said he would be in everyway you represented him correct! Very responsive and fast. He never spooked, as we rode alone under railroad bridges, around deer, and through water. He is just what I wanted. A large brave horse that goes with just a slight kiss. Thanks for working on his canter, he is only three and it is a wonderful rocking chair collected canter. I will have many years with my new best friend Buck. I'll also send any of my Missouri friends your way. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I wish I could buy more!  Keep up the Great work!
Karin Roberts, St. Louis, Missouri



Pushers Lil Romeo



Hey, just wanted to let you know that he is a great little horse. I spent all of this morning brushing him, cleaning his feet and just playing around with him. I put the tack on him and he did great.  When I went to pull him out of the pasture to go to the the vet appointment he was lying down.  I thought that I would try to walk up to him to see how close I could get before he would jump up.  I got closer and closer and he didn't even move.  I walked right up to Romeo and scratched his head for him and he still did not move.  I then went and got the lead rope and hooked it onto his halter and nearly had to pull him up!  He is a pretty laid back horse.  I have only done that with one other horse and for as young as he is he sure is mellow.


Just wanted to give you an update on Romeo.  He is really a great little horse.  I took him to my shoer this weekend and had him shod.  He did fine and was quite entertaining for them.  They have several Walkers and appreciated a good horse when they see one.  He is so laid back and easy going with whatever we do with him.  He jumps right in the trailer and right back out again, I pulled the clippers out last week and clipped up up without a problem.   His only issue is that he is an escape artist.  He is smarter than heck and can undo gates, goes under lines on the fence, whatever it takes to get out and feed himself!  We had to go out and buy an electric fence to keep him in.  When he does get out he just waits for you to walk up to him and catch him as he knows he has been had.
I always check into your site and look at all of he beautiful horses you have.  You do a great job!
Wendy Davis, Washington



Choc's Doc Johnson




Eric, I rode Doc yesterday and he did really well. I decided to take him to a TW, RM and RH trainer we had decided to send my wife's horse to. He is an old time TW walker trainer who has also recently started training Rocky Mountain Horses. He is a really good trainer. He has two other Rocky Mountain horses with Coco Dock bloodlines.  Anyway I rode Doc first and then he rode him. He really liked Doc's way of going. The old man is not easily impressed after training horses for over 40 years, but he liked him so well that he talked me into leaving him and putting him into show training. I will be taking him to his first show the end of March.  We have already decided to change his name to Smokey due to his color. We are thrilled with him to say the least!  You represented him perfectly!  We appreciate your help in finding this really nice horse. 
Steven Maloney, Texas




Butterscotch Sundae

Famous Amous









Hey Eric,
 I just wanted to tell you that the boys made it safe and that we have been enjoying them. The first couple weeks in the herd was just fine, they looked like chew toys for a minute. I can't get over how easy going and forgiving Amos is for such a young horse. He has quite the personality. Nakai--formerly known as Butterscotch Sundae is great too. I have been training them to come when I blow a whistle, works like a charm--when I pull up to the gait they are running to me. We love them both! I again want to thank you and Roy for all your time and patience.

Pennie and Todd, Georgia






Gamblers Rattler






Just thought I would let you know that Gambler and I had a good ride on Saturday and made the trip home Sunday with no problems.  He is a super nice horse, I really like him.


David Gladden




Pusher's Dreamin Forever





Just thought I would give you an update on Pusher's Dreamin' Forever AKA Dreamwalker. After purchasing this horse from you early last summer he has been a blast. We have learned alot together and have had very few disagreements!  LOL He is such a refreshing change from my previous unsafe horse. Even when he is in a fiesty mood, I never feel unsafe and he always does what I want. He has just enough attitude to be fun and enough training and sense to be safe. We trail ride on 135 acres every weekend and the farm owner works him during the week to keep him fit and strong. At the end of March, we will be leaving for our new home in Florida, where we will have access to over 70 miles of park preserve trails. I cannot wait to see what adventures we will find and I know he will keep me safe and happy every step of the way. He will miss his new buddies (Bridges and Sandman), but he will make new friends fast!! Thank you so much for suggesting such a great horse to me. I really LOVE him!!!

Louisville Kentucky



Code Red



Hello Eric and Roy,

  Just wanted to take a moment now that the dust has settled to say thanks for such a WONDERFUL horse.  Code "Red" is just as you described but even better.....he is sooooo laid back and talk about sweet.  I can't tell you thanks enough.  I have only been on him once but I know he will be great.  We can't wait for some of the snow and ice to go down
here in the Chicago area so we can get out there.
   Every time someone sees him they immediately ask how I found him, and we have been giving out your email left and right.....you better get training!  Hee Hee!!!  We LOVE him!!!

Thanks,  Terri, Chicago







Hi Eric,
The Rock is the best.  Everyone loves him and he really does have a great walking gait.  He's been willing to do anything I ask.  I've had him in the arena and on the trails and he does great.  If you get RFD TV, you'll be able to see The Rock on America By Horseback during the Arkansas trail ride in April.  Not sure when it will air.  Just wanted to thank you for finding me the greatest horse that matchs my needs.
Connie Cole, Arkansas


24 Carat Eclipse


Hi Eric,
I just wanted to write and tell you that Wade, our son Dustin and I went trail riding today since it was so warm. We went to Long C Trails in Westmoreland, TN. I rode Eclipse which I call "Lucas" for the first time on the trails and he was so great! He wasn't spooky at all, he stood still for me to mount and he was just all around great at everything! He couldn't have been better! He did everything I asked him to do and was so calm and just looking around site-seeing, not looking for monsters at all. He went through the creek great and drank out of it. In fact, every time he heard water he tried to find it. Wade and his horse went way out in front because we had stopped for some reason and my son trotted away quickly and so "Lucas" wanted to and I held him back just to see if he would let the other horses leave him and he was fine with that. He didn't mind walking and letting them leave him at all! Also, what is really funny is that he is kind of "cowy". I noticed when we had to walk around a LOT of cows right beside them he didn't pay attention, but I wanted to see if he would chase after some calves that was right in our way and he DID! His ears pricked right up and together almost and when the calves started to leave, he was hot on their trail!! He is SO funny. I held him back and made him go back to Wade and Dustin and that was OK too. No argument or fight at all. Anything I  wanted. He might be a little lazy when we are alone, but I can bring spurs. But, when we were with the others he went away from them, let them leave and we came across deer, a big crane flying out of the water, deer blinds that all the horses hate, and other things. He crossed big logs, went through the woods, up steep hills, everything! Plus, he IS the most loving horse EVER! We didn't take him on the bad or dangerous trails since it was our first time, we wanted to feel him out. I now know that it won't be a problem. He stands still when we just sit there, I ride him bareback into the barn, I groom him outside while he is standing untied in the pasture. I could go on for hours and he has only been in my life one week! Thank you so much for this horse, my best friend, that it took years and years to find! I will definitely send people your way, so keep up the good work!!!  I finally found my Dream Horse!!!  I love him!!!
Cindy Perry
Franklin, KY


Cadillac Jack





Dear Eric,
  CJ arrived safe and sound Christmas night, and he is absolutely beautiful.  He is already in the same pasture as my other gelding and they are getting along great like you said he would.  The transport company was EXCELLENT, I'd highly recommend them to anyone!!
  I'm sure CJ and I will share many, many miles of trail riding together. I can't wait!
  Thanks for your help picking out the perfect horse for me!  Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Carol and CJ!!





So Sioux Me Outlaw

Dougie O's






Hi Eric,
I just wanted to update you on Dougie and Sioux AKA Outlaw.  Once they got to Delaware, they adjusted to their new surroundings very quickly.  They are so gentle and easy to handle, just like you said!  Now that they are used to us, they come to us when they see us and seem to enjoy our company.
Outlaw's nickname is Pigpen 'cause he's always rolling in mud lol!  Dougie stays very clean and never poops in our trailer, whereas Outlaw always messes the trailer up.  Hauling the boys is a breeze and their excellent training is apparent.  They come running when they see the trailer, looking forward to going somewhere.  They have two distinct personalities and we are enjoying them greatly!  Like little kids, they test us to see what they can get away with but, with very gentle correction, they tow the line and really want to please us.
We are taking our time getting used to riding and Allen is building his confidence at his own pace.  Both guys are very good under saddle and patient with us.  We haven't gone trail riding yet but, we will soon.  The boys are also great around our little dog and they didn't even bat an eye when a helicopter flew real low over us.  Allen drove our tractor all around them and they were playfully running along side him!
Thanks again for all your help - we are recommending you to everyone we talk to and everyone is very impressed with our horses!  They are gentle, beautiful, smart, well trained and valuable members of our family!  with your help - we made the right choice.
Take care, stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!
Debbie South, DE



Speckled Ivory




Hey Hey Hey ERIC,
You have a new best friend My Brother - ME!
You KNOW I am happy - and you knew I would be - That horse is a one in a million - Gonna call him Happy Holiday or Doc Holiday  - but Holiday one way or the other - I was totally overwhelmed by him - his disposition is the best thing about him and with the rest of him soo over the top nice - well,
well it is hard to explain - it really is overwhelming.  I find myself speaking in tongues about him if you know what I mean. It really has been quite special, all of this! Hope to do business with you again someday!  Hope to send you more business!  Rode him yesterday, he was very good and responsive, we will have a blast! 
  You aren't going to be pressing charges for me stealing this horse from you now are you?  So I can stop running from the Po Po! I knew you were a good guy! Specks has impressed the heck out of everyone that has come near him - WOW.  Just WOW! I love him!

Mary Ann Long, Florida


Joe Dirt




Hey Eric- I just wanted to tell you that we already love Blaze so much.  He is so affectionate with all of us, but especially Tyler. He and Blaze spent about 15 minutes yesterday just rubbing their faces and noses all over each others face. It was so precious. He is the smoothest horse I’ve ever ridden and by far has the most willing personality. As long as he understands what is expected of him, he complies immediately. I have rarely had to ask him twice for the same thing. It’s amazing that he’s only 3! Thank you for parting with him. I think he’s just what Tyler needed to get his confidence back. He’s been unflappable, affectionate, trusting, patient and compliant. He is wonderful on the trails, and gives lots of love and kisses in the paddock. We could never have asked for more..

Tracey Buckalew, Georgia


Apache's Mystical Dakota






Hello Eric.  I wanted to just thank you for recommending a wonderful horse for me.  Dakota (Apache"s Mystical Dakota) is fabulous.  He is very beautiful, gentle,  and so easy going. He was a perfect match for me as a newer rider to gaited horses.  I love your non-pressure, low demand, sales attitude.  You helped me pick the perfect horse instead of deciding on him for me.  We have bonded very well.  I have taught him to give "kisses" to me when I ask him.  I love him very much and am so happy I decided to buy him.  Best wishes on continued success.  
Thank you.

Alicia Peters, Kentucky



Deuces Wild



Hey Eric, guess what, good news. Since you know Deuce so well this may not surprise you. Deuce will stretch out immediately when ask. I was spending some time with him about an hour ago just before dark. I had him out in the barn hallway just petting, lifting his feet, and whatever to get him accustomed to me. I thought I would start a little work on the stretching and he responded a bit slowly however, I could tell he knew. I would lightly tap his feet and he would respond. After doing that 3 or 4 times he was out there real good. A friend came to see him and he squeezes on his horses withers for his to stretch but Deuce did not react to that clue. I then went over to him and lightly shook his halter and that was his key. He immediately pops out there real good each time. I have used that clue on several others and apparently Deuce has been taught using that key. He is such a nice guy to handle and be around. Thought both you and Roy would like to know about him stretching out so easy. Be sure to tell Roy!   For some time now I have been less than enthused about trail riding but now I am now again looking forward to going on him. He has gave me new life on the trails!  He's a keeper!  Thanks to you both for the way you treated me while at your farm. I enjoyed my brief time there with you guys and also I am happy with my horse.

Bub Johnson, Kentucky


Jesse Mack's Sensation







Dear Eric,

  I wanted to thank you for everything, Mack is an excellent horse.  Mike and I both ride him, and he is doing very well.  I will be looking to buy another horse, from you only,  again.  I will be looking in the spring.  Best wishes and Thank You again!

Mike and Wendy from Pennsylvania





All Jacked Up





Eric, Just wanted to tell you that All Jacked Up is doing great!  I have taken him to numerous field trails and he has done a superb job for me.  All of my buddies want to buy him from me but he is not for sale!  I will keep sending business your way as I highly recommend you to everyone!


Allen, GA



I'm Mr.Right





Dear Eric, You will be happy to know that Mr. Right is just that, "right".  I took him for a short ride and he was very stylish and animated, but easy to handle.  Our next door neighbor practically ran to the fence to see him! He walked by barking dogs and a running tractor without turning a hair.  On our trails he went where he was pointed without hesitation.  He is a fun ride!  I am so pleased with him! 
Thanks again for your hospitality,
Bob, Georgia



Mr.T's Charm





Eric, I just wanted to let you know that I love Mr. T. He's by far
the most good-natured of all horses I have known in my entire lifetime. He's such a good boy. He has made everyone fall in love with him! (This includes our dogs). In fact, one of the dogs actually sleeps WITH him at night.  It's almost unreal.  I fully trust this horse with any rider, beginner, intermediate, advanced, you name it.  I will definitely contact you guys for another horse in the future if there comes a time that I'm in the market again.  Also, I was very impressed with your facility. It's the cleanest and most pleasant one I've ever been to.  I wish I could buy all your horses! Thanks for such a wonderful horse. He'll definitely spend all the rest of his days right where he is. Take care!

Jessi Gelinas, Ohio


Incredible Hulk





Adams family,
I owe you my life. You have more good horses than any places that I know in then United States. As "fat 'n old" as I am I never though I would find a Tennessee Walker big enough for me and have a show horse presence to him. Hulk is the smoothes horse that I have ever owned. I am so glad that you taught him to stand in ditches, beside tables and mounting blocks. He will last me the rest of my riding life. I never believed I would have own a 4 year old horse that is this broke and has color is to die for.

Thanks Again SO MUCH
Freddy Hall




Pulse Rate



Roy and Eric
I just wanted to let you know that Pulse Rate is doing great and I LOVE HIM. He is by far the best horse I have ever owned. At first I was a little scared to buy him over the phone and never come and look at him.
But, he is exactly what you said he would be and MORE. When he got home, he took up with the whole family including my wife now she rides him instead of her horse Zipper. I will be back to buy another horse from you
as soon we are financial able. I will tell everyone that I know about Adams Horse and Mule Co.
Thank You Ever So Much,  

Ricky Kidwell



Sensational GoldenBoy





Hey Eric,
I just want you to know that I love my Sensational Golden Boy!  He is so sweet, and he has done very well on every trail ride.  Thanks for everything, I might be back for another one!
Sue Grosser
Dayton, MN




Rowdy's Little Buddy                     







I can't believe you done it!  You found Ashley's dream horse. Small enough
for her, the color she has always wanted and broke for her and her little
sister. She now is showing Buddy and doing great winning her first 2 shows.  He has also done great on the trails as well!  He is a dream come true!
Thanks you again,
Stevens Family    




Sundrops Flashy Coin







Eric, Having a blast with Sundrop!!!

 Tim and Keely, Louisiana 


Bed of Roses






I can not believe you found my dream horse so quickly, thanks to you I finally found the horse of my life. I can't tell you how much I love Rose, now she is a member of the family.  I wouldn't take anything for her.  She will be here for life!

Dianne        West Virginia



Ebonys JW Champagne





Hi Eric,
I just wanted to let you know how "Copper" formerly JW is doing. I've been riding him a lot since he came, and with each ride he gets better and better. The runwalk, headshake, and headset are so smooth and I don't even have to do anything. Cantering is really nice too, once I get him going. I took him to Fair Hills, Maryland and was so well-behaved on the ground, in the trailer, and on the trail. He didn't spook at anything or get chargey on the way home. He crossed Creeks and went up and down hills no problem over rocky and grassy terrain.  I've been working with him at home Parelli Natural Horsemanship level 1 and he's so good about it that I hardly ever have to tell him how to do anything more than twice. It's also really nice to have a horse that likes to hang out with you in the field, and comes running when you call his name. I love Copper and am so glad you were able to sell him to me.
Mira from New Jersey


Sleeper's Redwing




Dear Eric,

Just wanted to give you an update on Red.  In a word "WOW"  what a spectacular horse!  He arrived on Sunday about five and the transporter told me he was the nicest horse they had ever hauled.  They said you had a beautiful facility and they would have liked to have brought a couple of your horses home for themselves.

  Red is exactly what you told me he would be, very gentle and quiet.  He loves attention from anyone, he loves to be groomed, he stands stills, loads, picks up his feet, just everything.  I let him rest on Sunday and I rode him yesterday and I'm still smiling.  His gait is heavenly, headset, shake are all perfect.  He is exactly what I wanted in a Tennessee Walking Horse.  He has the best manners and responds to voice commands or the lightest touch.  I looked at quite a few horses but they didn't "feel right" and some of the people I talked to come off as "used car type salesmen" they really build they horse up a lot.  What I really appreciated about talking to you was you didn't do that.  You were really straight forward with me and honest.  I really feel like I have the horse of my dreams.  I am so happy and if I every need or want another one, I'll be coming back to you again.

Thanks so much,

Wanda Conrad



Stan's Domino







 I love him, My amazing Domino. Thank you for all you did to make a wonderful match.

Judy, New York


Blue Bayou






Eric and Roy,

just wanted you to know that Blue made it safely to Georgia and handled
the travel very well.  I spent all day playing with him and just LOVE 
He's going to be a lot of fun for me.

Mary Leslie




66's True Blue Fan





Dear Eric,

Can I just tell you......I'VE GOT BRAGIN RIGHTS NOW!!  I love this guy...he is soooooo smooth & on top of that extremely handsome!!  I have only ridden him twice now & had 3 people asking about him.....I LOVE IT!!  Rodney & the boys are very jealous, which makes me smile even more!  It was nice to meet you & sorry about the hassle in regards to the time....we had a little late start!!
Thanks again, I'm soooooooo happy!!!

Michelle,  Ohio





Dolly's Shadow Queen







Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful horse!  We all love her very much and she seems to be real happy too.  I know we are going to have many happy years together.  She is so loving and beautiful. We love her very much!!!  She is soooo awesome and a definite KEEPER! We are so pleased with this wonderful horse that I want to thank you again!
Peggy,  Las Vegas




MegaBucks Payoff







 Hi, Just wanted to let you know Buck is doing great. We put him out in the front pasture and he ran for a bit and was so easy putting back in the barn. I have rode him a couple times and he is great. He seems to be adjusting well. I am thinking about taking him to Lincoln County's show tomorrow night. thanks again I really enjoy him. I know as time goes by we will trust each other more and more.  I love him so much!




Santana's Skylight





Hey Eric,

  I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that buying Santana's Skylight from you was one of the best horse related decisions that I have ever made!  I am thrilled to death to have him because he is exactly what I have always wanted... He has the gait that I have looked for and never could find for years and years.  He rides just like you told me he would.  He is always shaking his head and flopping his ears everywhere we go, whether up or down hill.  The thing that really sold me on him was his personality.  I love how he always meets me at the fence and is so personable with me.  I had began to think I would never find a horse like him!  I had to have a big horse and I actually wanted a horse over 16.2hh, Sky meets all of the requirement measuring up at 16.3hh.

  I have rode him all over my farm and we have been to a few state parks.  He has always done exceptionally well on the trails as you told me he would.  We have also been riding him using a buddy-seat with my 5 year old granddaughter as the co-pilot.  I have also showed him locally one time and I received 2nd in the class out of 21 total horses.  I plan on showing him more next year and I know I will win a few shows with him.  I am looking forward to many more good years to come just like the past six months have been!  I appreciate everything and I will be talking to you soon!


Joey  Georgia


Little Bitter "The Baby Sitter"





Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that Abby and "Little Bit" are the perfect pair.  He is everything you promised he would be and we couldn't be happier.  She has rode him and led him all over our farm and the yard in the last couple of weeks.  Tonight they went on their first trail ride together!  She was very proud of herself and of "Little Bit" too!  She loves to show him off to company and ride him around bareback.
Now my husband and I are wishing we had a horse as nice as "Little Bit"!  Maybe we will be back to see you soon to purchase another nice horse for ourselves.  Thanks a bunch for all of your prompt and honest replies to my e-mails and for being so personable on the day of our visit.  I would recommend you to anyone!!
Thanks again,
N. Elam



Dillon's Diamond




Eric - It would be my pleasure to recommend you and your dad to anyone looking for a gaited horse or any others horses that you had for sale.  We heard many horror stories from just about everyone warning us not to buy a horse from a "Dealer".  Well, let me say that if those stories are all true (and I'm sure a lot of them are), you are certainly the exception to the stereotype.  Your relaxed but straight forward attitude never gave me any reason to ever doubt your integrity.  I am looking forward to many wonderful years with Dillon and really appreciate your guidance in purchasing our first horse.  Let me also compliment your website.  Particularly for us, the ability to read about each horse, see numerous pictures and videos of them in action was invaluable.  We researched countless sale ads and web listings, and yours were easily the most informative.

Thanks again for your help, and rest assured that when we are ready for our next horse, our first visit will be to your website.  Best of luck, keep up the good work.
Jeff & Michelle Baumgarth,  Ohio 




Big Tex





Hey Eric,

  Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for all your help in finding me the perfect horse, in Big Tex.  I had looked for a couple years for a big, stout, wide-chested, brute of a horse to use for guided hunting trips.  After I called you it only took 3 weeks for you to find him, then you put some more training on him so he would be perfect for me.  So far, I have taken a monster Elk, and a new personal record Mule Deer (13 point, Non typical, that scored almost 250) which was shot right off of Tex’s back!  I am going to use him for quail hunting as well and I am looking forward to that, along with just trail riding him.  Tex is the most surefooted TWH I have ever ridden and up here in the high country that is a must!  Tex has done everything right the entire time I have owned him!  He is always patient while I leave him ground tied for up to a couple hours at a time, he never moves when I shoot off of him, and he is really a dream come true for me!  Once again this is the smoothest gaited horse that I have ever ridden and when I requested “Bombproof”, even though you told me that “no horse is bombproof”,  I think you should reconsider that because I know Tex is with out a doubt!  He has been everything you promised me that he would be!  I appreciate all your help, lengthy telephone conversations, and honesty!


Barry,  Colorado



Bob The Builder




Dear Eric,

  I would like to say that Bob The Builder and our grandkids are getting along the very best!  I absolutely love him, the kids are crazy over him, and well the whole family just thinks he is adorable!  When I first contacted you about getting a gaited pony for Haley and Jamison, I wasn’t sure that we could ever find that perfect match.  The kids had to have spots, I wanted something that was different from all other horses, and he had to have a loving personality, gentle disposition, and a very smooth gait.  But just like you told me, it may take time but that we could find him.  After a couple months, you emailed me and said that you had just what I was looking for.  When I came to look at him, I was almost overtaken by my emotion, he was just magnificent!  I had never seen a gaited horse that was splashed with color like Bob was.  He rode and handled just like a dream, as you told me he did.  He neck-reined, cantered, backed, sidepassed, and even parked out for my old bones to craw on him!  His gaits were remarkable!  He flatwalked, runwalked, racked, and cantered, as good as I could have ever hoped for.  As I told you I have ridden gaited horses all my life and I did not want the kids to learn to ride on a pacing or a trotting horse, with Bob’s gaits he has taught them how to ride a gaited horse.  He is like you told me, a pushbutton or babysitter kind of horse, which is great for kids.  He has met and exceeded all expectations that I ever had imagined.  He has really lived up to his “nick-name” Bob The “CONFIDENCE” Builder!  We couldn’t be more satisfied and pleased.  I have recommended you to numerous people, and I can’t wait until we do business again!  I will send you some more pictures to keep in your scrapbook.

Thank You So Much,

The Wilcox Family,  Florida



Generator's Buckskin Dude


Dear Eric,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being so prompt in answering your e-mails, but most of all I have to thank you for your honesty.  I asked a lot of questions about different horses, and because I was coming a great distance to look at horses I appreciated your sincerity and honest opinion about them.  I came all the way from Ontario, Canada to look at horses.  I saw several horses before I went to your place.  When I arrived at your place you showed me several different horses and quite obligingly took me out on a trail ride to see how the horse would behave.  You let me try out several different horses and explained their temperments.  No pressure.  I am sure I wasted a good part of your day.  I even called you back that evening to come and see "Dude" and ride again.  I am sure you had work to do seeing as I had been there the day before, but it was no problem, just come on out whenever.  And we went riding again.  I was trying hard not to fall in love with this horse, but he was everything you said he would be.  I decide to arrange for a vetcheck.  You went out of your way to arrange a vetcheck while I was there, that same day,  even trailering the horse to the vet, as he was too busy to come to the farm.  WOW,,,what service.....You even arranged for the blacksmith the next day and to keep him for an extra couple of weeks until I could arrange for transportation home.  Plus you are still continuing his training until he comes to Canada.  Your enthusiasm and professionalism in what you do is quite amazing.  I can't thank you enough.  I am really looking forward to getting "Dude" home and start our partnership.  I am sure he will be terrific.  It was great meeting you and your Dad.  I will keep you updated on our progress.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for good horse and one that would compliment their riding skills.  You really do your utmost to make sure that everyone is happy!


Connie Hurst       Ontario, Canada



Ben's Back In Black




Dear Eric,

I just want to thank you for the "best little TWH" out there!  Bennie is perfect for me!  I also want to thank Adams Horse and Mule Co. for all
your help; I feel you have gone above and beyond!  I am very pleased with my horse;  Bennie handles the trails with confidence.

  I am especially pleased that he knows to walk up and down hills.  He shows good manners around other horses, and will truly go wherever I ask him to go.  Best of all, he gaits like a dream!!
Thanks again!


Deb Hagan  Ohio



What A Dreamer



Dear Eric and Roy,             

Just a note of thanks for your professional, honest and courteous approach to helping me look for a personal riding horse.  As you know, I had a bad back injury last year and decided then to look for a safe, dependable, gentle and smooth gelding as I could not afford a serious unexpected rear/buck/spook or fall.
I was in no hurry and rode several horses in KY, TN, NC and GA. I inquired about several more that didn't merit a trip for a personal ride. It was on my third visit to Adams Horse and Mule that you showed me the Dreamer gelding and he just fit my preferences for size, gait, looks and temperament.
It's obvious that you work your horses regularly and keep them in shape and tuned up. They're all well groomed, clean and in good shape.
Some of the things you guys do better than most: communicate (promptly and clearly), provide information (by phone, email, video, in person), and followup. I especially appreciate the followup questions to see how things are going. And they're going fine: Dreamer is solid and a really good trail horse. We've been up a hard mountain climb in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, racked and cantered on a several mile gravel road trip, on paved roads to and from, around our dogs and goats, and today on a several mile tough trip with lots of mud holes around Tellico Lake. He never balked or refused anything. We're real happy.


Frank Landers, Greenback, Tennessee


Blaze's Bay Hurrah





Dear Eric,

When I was a little girl I had a palomino Quarter Horse that was my bestfriend. We ran barrels, trailrode done everything together he had the attitude that would do anything for you.. What I like to call a heart that would'nt quit. Blaze is definatley my replacement he cracks me up with his attitude. All he wants to do is play in the barn pushing you around playing tug-o-war with the lead rope. I have taken him on trailrides in VA and here at home. He does anything I ask him to do even got him backing up!!! I cant wait till show season starts I have a feeling he is going to bring home a lot of blue ribbons. Everyone that has seen him loves him we are teaching him to park out so I can put him in haulter classes.. Everyone loves his conformation.I am truely in LOVE with my bestfriend Blaze.Thanks for everything that you have done, in finding me this great horse.

A&F Stables Jenkins, KY



Golden Threats Rook



Dear Eric,

  First of all Thanks You!!!  Our whole Family loves Rook!!!  He is an excellent trail horse and is so very gentle and laid back.  If you remember when I first contacted you I was wanting a spotted saddle horse that I could trail ride and show.  But after we talked I soon realized that not all registered walking horses are hyper and some are like Rook, very laid back!  It is odd to me that even though you didn't have him posted on the internet yet that just like your website says you had just what I wanted standing in your barn! 

  We trail rode him everywhere throughout the summer and showed him locally in country pleasure classes.  In 13 shows Rook pulled in 7 blue ribbons and I have had seemingly hundreds of nice comments about him and lots of people wanting to buy him!  But as you already know Rook has a home here with my family for a long time to come.

Thank You So Much,

The Dyer Family,  Macon, Georgia


Chromed Up King




Dear Eric,

   I just wanted to give you an update on Chrome and I.  We are getting along just fine, just as you said we would!  I have to admit, I was very surprised that after over a year of looking, driving from state to state, and trying out horses, that I made one simple phone call, to you of course, and found what I have always wanted!  Chrome is the horse of my dreams!!!  He is as peaceful and loving as I could have ever want a horse to be and he will go anywhere that he is asked too. 

  I was worried as I made the switch from quarter to gaited horses that I would have some difficulties learning their gaits.  But with what you told me and showed me while I was testing Chrome out, before I bought him, I have now became to be what I consider a intermediate gaited horse rider.  I still think about that day when I was at your farm and how you and Roy answered all my many questions and explained to me about gaited horses.  I still have the saddle that I bought from you and I love it as well! 

    I appreciate all of your help and hard work in assisting me in finding a horse that will last me the rest of my riding days!  Because of you guys I am now always on happy trails! 


William Wilson III MD

Sweet Betty  



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Shotgun Red






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Tin Man





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Humpty Dumpty





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Sunday Sermon






SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Steve from Connecticut!!!

Petes Super Dude






SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Steve from Connecticut!!!

An Apt For That






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She Shimmers






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Storm Chaser






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Deputy Luke






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Good Time Charlie






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Sip of Champagne






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Big Casino





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GI Joe





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Orange Crush






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A Pill Thief





SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Mike from Florida!!!

Blue Blazes







SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Alex from Georgia!!!

Color Max







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Trigger Tripper







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Panama Jack







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King Keegan







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Golden Tiger






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Diamond Buck






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Strokin In My Sleep






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Silver Starlight






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Cue Ball




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Bandits Royalty  





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Bold and Gold






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Cracker Jack







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Little Bit Flashy







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The Real Trooper






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Miracle Man







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Woodrow's Wonder Boy







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Push The Goose







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Golden Punch







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Spotted Eagle







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TT's Buck







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Turtle Powered







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My Romeo







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Forrest Ranger







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Deuces Wilder







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Mello Yello







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Chances Dream







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Battle Man







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Pushed Over







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Woody Mack







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Blue Again







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Smiling Bob







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Whisky Moon







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Polo Blue







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Patches Midnight







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American Express







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Smokies Lonesome







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Lil Joe's Polka







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Banjo Night







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Deputy Festus







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Proud of Pzazz






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Mr. Bam Bam






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Denver Senator  





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Creme Soda






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Hillbilly Deluxe






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Too Tall Jones







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Tonto's Insignia







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Hired Gun







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Gen's Black Dollar







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Midnights Zeke







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Prides Toby Keith







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Sundance's Diamond







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Blues Clues







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Goldfinger Kicker







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Red Chico







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I'm Hercules







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Midnight Raven







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Pusher's Double Dose







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Bullet's 38 Special







SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Cory from South Carolina!!! 


Faith Hill







SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Ms. Holly from Florida!!!








SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Spanky from California!!!


Fintstone Kid







SOLD!!!  Congratulations to Spanky from California!!!


Gens Risky Business







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CC's Stone Thrower







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Designed By Bolder







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Silverado's Fire







SOLD!!!  Congratulations to John from Washington!!! 


T-Boys Gold Coin







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Mr. Major Grayola







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Chief Joseph







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Cheyenne's Sunshine







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Tootsie Roll







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Bobby McGee







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Prince Caspian







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Walls of Jericho







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Spirit of Allen







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Blue Traveler







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Shadow Fire







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Gold Appeal







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Smokey's Candy Bandit







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Reno 911