Sweet Betty









Video-Trail and Gun







Price: $8,500

Sweet Betty (AKA Betty) is a 15+hh, 6 yr old, Sorrel, gaited mare Mule with a flax mane and tail!  I bought Betty from the gentleman who has owned her since she was just a baby. He started her, broke her, and has used her as his own. She was his personal hunting mount as he liked to squirrel hunt. To say the least this gentleman has put a lot of time into training Betty to make her the great mule that she is today! This gentleman that is in his late 70s, sold us Betty because he had another heart attack back in December and was quiting riding. In addition to hunting Betty has been trail ridden on several 3 and 4 day rides in several parts of Tennessee, she tie/picket lines, hauls, and travels well. She has made several trips to the Knott County trail ride here in Kentucky. She has been to numerous shows and placed well. Betty has been trail ridden in several states. She is easy to catch, clip, bath, tack-up, load, and handle. She is easy to shoe and you can handle her feet with no problems. She is no problem to bridle and is not ear shy. Betty is an exceptionally broke gaited mule! Betty has very smooth gaits all the way up to about 12 mph and she will short lope as well. Betty has had 3 months of professional gaiting, trail and bombproof training. He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps and has also had guns shot off of his back. Just like everything we say about our horses, we have the videos to prove it. Betty is never spooky acting on the trails! Betty has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. She has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern as well as throughout the States. She will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. She has one of the best attitudes and personalities that you will find in a mule. She is a once in a lifetime mule!!! Feel free to call me with any questions.