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Chance's Silver Star

Price: $9,500



Smoke and a Stuntman

Price: $8,500



Dudes Summer Delight

Price: $6,500


Carbon's Grey Son

Price: $6,500


Insignia's Tropic Thunder

Price: $5,500


Brook's & Dunn

Price: $5,500


My Magic Cloud

Price: $3,500


Pride Of Ivory Gold

Price: $SOLD!!!

Congratulations to Larry in Illinois!!! His 2nd AHAMC horse!!!


Walking With Flash

Price: $SOLD!!!

Congratulations to Sandy in Washington!!! Her 5th AHAMC horse!!!

Coming Soon...

Highlights of the Up and Coming... Currently In Training Horses...                                                               

(NO information, pictures, or videos are available on any horses listed below)
Black/White, 14.2hh, 7 yrs old
Chocolate Roan Flax M/T, 15.1hh, 11 yrs old
Black Roan/Tobiano, 14.3hh, 11 yrs old
Buckskin, 15.1hh, 4 yrs old, we raised this one, nicest colt that we have worked with!
Chocolate Flax M/T, 14.3hh, 10 yrs old
Mounted Police Horse/Search and Rescue Horse!!! Sorrel/White, 15.1, 11yr
Bay/White, 15.2hh, 8 yrs old
Dreamhorse!!! Palomino Tobiano, 15.3hh, 7 yrs old
Dapple Grey, 15.1hh, 9 yrs old
Black/White, 14.3hh, 8 yrs old
Dark Dapple Grey, 15.1, 7 yr old
Dapple Grey, 15hh, 8 yr old, reg twh
Black/White, 15hh, 10 yr old, neckreins, gaits 14mph!!!
Sorrel/White, 16hh, 6 yr old, reg twh
Chestnut/White, 16.2hh, 10 yr old, weighs 1400lbs!!!
Palomino, 15hh, 4 yrs old
Bay/White Tobiano, 16hh, 7 yrs old
Black/White Tobiano, 15.1hh, 12 yrs old
Chocolate Flax M/T, 14.3hh, 8 yr old
Black Roan, 15hh, 4 yrs old
Sorrel Tobiano, 15.1hh, 9 yr old
Black Tobiano, 15hh, 10 yr old
Black/White, 15hh, 12 yrs old
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